Endomondo is a leading social fitness network with more than 12 million users worldwide. Our mission is to motivate people to become and stay active by making it more engaging, more social, and more fun to exercise.

Our users lead active and healthy lives and we work with major brands to help them engage with our users.

Write us at to request a media kit and pricing for banner advertising and/or activation tools. Please make sure to indicate which geographies you're interested in and approximate timing.

Banner advertising

We serve banner ads on our website and in our popular and top rated app, Endomondo Sports Tracker, for Android and iPhone. Web formats are 728x90, 300x250, 160x600 and 234x60 pixels while our format in the app is 320x50 pixels.

Activation tools

Featured challenges

In addition to offering advertisers traditional banner advertising on web or mobile, we also offer advertisers to sponsor a featured challenge, which is promoted heavily towards our users - either globally or in a specific country.

A challenge is a virtual competition on Endomondo where a number of users, or teams of users, compete against each other through their offline workouts. Endomondo offers six different types of challenges: Most calories burned, most miles, most minutes, most workouts, fastest X miles or first to reach X miles. In addition, each challenge can be within one specific sport, several sports or include all sports listed on Endomondo.

The concept is ideal for any advertiser that wants to engage our users around their brand, create awareness and build brand loyalty among our users. A challenge is perceived as value adding for our users as it offers users the chance to compete against other Endomondo users worldwide and the chance to win exciting prizes.

Promotion included:

- Featuring on the front page and home page of with a picture/logo for the entire period.

- Invitation sent to users via This will appear as a request on their home page.

- Challenge email sent out to users.

- Promotion of your featured challenge on our Facebook page for the entire challenge period.

- Prominent featuring of the challenge on the Challenge page of

The cost of a challenge depends on the size of the user base reached. A featured challenge must include prizes for the challenge winners and there are offered by the challenge sponsor.

Want to know more? Contact our sales team at

Check out an example of a previous featured challenge here.

Featured routes

Endomondo has a route feature that makes it easier for users to find the best routes for running, cycling or walking worldwide. Users can search for routes on our website or from within the app on Android and iPhone. A brand can sponsor a route and this will ensure that the route and the sponsor name/logo is always located on top of the search list, when users are within a 5K radius.

A route can include a main picture and description as well as specific points of interest that can each have a description, up to three pictures and a video. When users are within close distance of a point of interest, they will get a pop up on their phone with the relevant information.


Contact us at to explore how we can help your brand engage with our users.