• All Challenge participants that reside in the United States are automatically entered into the prize program.
  • Participants accumulate points each day they ride at least 1 mile
  • Point totals are carried over into each new month of the Challenge.
  • You are eligible for prizes as soon as you reach the Bronze point level. The prize value increases as you achieve higher point levels.
  • Prizes will be awarded at the end of each month for prize levels Bronze, Silver and Gold, and at the end of the Challenge for Platinum and Diamond.
  • There will be over 300 prizes distributed throughout the four prize levels.
  • All you need to do is ride and enter your miles!
  • Participants are eligible to receive no more than one prize per month.


Challenge Points accumulate based on miles ridden plus 20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile.
1 mile = 1 Challenge point
20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile
A rider who commutes 10 miles round-trip would earn 30 points: 20 points for riding, plus 10 points for the 10 miles (1 mile = 1 point).


As you accumulate points, you will achieve prize levels. This automatically enters you in the prize drawing at that level. Here is the structure of the prize levels:
Prize Level Points to Achieve Level Prize Drawing to be held
Bronze 100 Monthly
Silver 250 Monthly
Gold 750 Monthly, Eligible for Grand Prize
Platinum 2500 Eligible for Grand Prize
Diamond 5000 Eligible for Grand Prize
It’s much easier than you think! Assume you ride 10 miles per day 3 days per week:
  • You will achieve Bronze level in the 2nd week of the Challenge
  • You will achieve Silver level in the 3rd week
  • You will achieve Gold level in the 9th week


Thank you to our generous donors for the prizes for the 2013 National Bike Challenge!
Below is a list of the prize, by category: