• Bob DeCamp
    December 03 at 16:20

    The Garmin import worked - finally- hope it continues! Thanks!

  • Bob DeCamp
    November 22 at 21:44

    Well, Endo still will not download from garmin 800. I'm liking the Strava account- also free.

  • Bob DeCamp
    November 17 at 19:27

    Still cannot get Endo to import from Garmin- just set up a Strava account- will see how that goes......

  • Eric J. Quackenbush
    November 16 at 08:18

    Like Bob said, keep pedaling!! I have taken a few days off work lately to help my wife with her http://handmaidenstore.com business, so my mileage is down a bit. Plus, my work-from-home day got changed to Monday and it's hard to get up early and ride on a cold Monday morning. ;-) But, I'm still plugging away.

    I'll soon have even more reason to bike to work. We just found out this week that the new Braves stadium will be built right across the street from our office. It'll be nice to ride past all those gridlocked autos that'll soon be tying up the roads there.

  • Frank McIntosh
    November 15 at 14:39

    I had a bit of a road warrior (i.e., driving) phase in late Sept and throughout October, but am back to my normal bike only mode again. Need to get some longer rides in but back to my normal biking almost every day mode. Glad to see you page 1 guys continuing to grind it out, too.

  • Bob DeCamp
    November 12 at 22:36

    Looks like Endo may have some more import issues... I'm riding, but miles are not showing up... Will check it out this weekend....
    Keep pedaling, Frank!

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