Compare yourself to the best during a week of epic mountain biking with SCOTT Sports!

From June 30th through July 8th, the best mountain bikers in the US will be in Sun Valley, Idaho for the Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival and the USAC XC National Championships, presented by SCOTT Sports. During this time, the ScottWeek of Epic Rides delivers Sun Valley’s best singletrack.

This is your chance to compare yourself against the nation’s elite and ride some epic singletrack.
The ScottWeek of Epic rides will be held in Idaho, but you can ride anywhere off-road and see how you compare.

Several riders at the Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival will track their rides with Endomondo, so you can follow them live, give them live pep talks, and join the challenge to see how you compare. Riders who track their rides on the ScottWeek of Epic Rides will be scored alongside those participating Nationwide.

After the festival is over 10 lucky winners will be drawn from those who rode more than 50 miles off-road. Winners will receive a Helmet, Glove, Cycling Shoe and Sock prize package from SCOTT. The more miles you ride between June 30th and July 8th at Midnight ET, the more entries you get.

To ensure fair play, we will check the workouts of the winners. If we find any false workouts, we will draw lots again to find another winner. The winners will receive an email and be announced on this page at the end July.

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SCOTT Sports and Endomondo

Goal:Most miles - Mountain biking
Prize:10 draws of prize package from SCOTT (Helmet, Glove, Cycling Shoe and Sock)
Start:Jun 30, 2012 3:01 AM
End:Jul 9, 2012 2:59 AM
12 M
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  • Michael Lemuel
    August 19 at 00:29

    I tried that Popa. Unfortunately I could only afford a charger that uses AA batteries and at 12 batteries per day I couldn't afford that. Rechargeable batteries didn't have enough voltage.

    Best of Luck

  • Igor Popa
    August 18 at 06:23

    Moreover, I used the Endomondo application on my telephone to track the miles through GPS. I had to purchase an extra portable charger in order to keep my phone's battery on high and track all the miles. All my workouts are real and if somebody has any doubts, show me what exactly bothers you!

  • Igor Popa
    August 18 at 05:47

    Hi Rasmus,

    According to what you have said, I suggest that you will mention with capital letters in the description of EVERY challenge from now on, that neither the covered distance nor the occupied place on the list affect the decision-making on who the winner is! In fact, the winner is elected through a somewhat sports lottery!
    I truly beleive that with the mention of this essential detail, the interest and the motivation of the participants will decrease dramatically.
    It is a brilliant method to grade the Olympic Games: ingore the miles, speed or even the world records, and just randomly pick and award the winners! Endomondo should definitely take part as a jury member of the Olympics!

  • Aivo Jõeorg
    August 18 at 03:30

    Accusing me of cheating? No way! This is just a competition and this time its just sucks. Live your life and ride on!

  • Michael Lemuel
    August 17 at 03:15

    The "rules" don't state that cyclist like me who MUST manually enter their miles become AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED. I just got a new 29er (Mongoose "Deception") that was an upgrade from my previous 29er (Genisis "two-nine"). I cannot track via GPS because my battery doesn't last through a quarter of my day. Some challenges say GPS tracked only, and I understand why, but it prevents ultra endurance riders (who can't afford 5 backup batteries or solar chargers) from participating. I'm stuck with a el cheapo Walmart purchased Bell bike computer. I need the CHANCE to win gear I cannot afford on my limited income so I can continue to accelerate any posibility of a professional gear. "Checking" for legit workouts is not the same as saying "ONLY tracked workouts counted". You say international drawing was fair and I have minimal evidence beyond your word despite mathematical improbability. You expect us to trust you. Yet because some of us must enter miles manually, you dismiss our work without asking for reference, & afford no trust in us.

    After NBC, I'm done with endo and scott [No Capitols Afforded]. Good to know that since I've progressed too far as a cyclist, I'm more than you can handle. I don't need an app to tell me what a $20 speedometer does MORE accurately, and with much less power.

    BTW- Why have someone draw a winner? If it were me, I'd let a computer program with a RAND(random) function select winners so that the drawing wouldn't be compromised.

    Are we going to have to also start drug testing winners, making sure they have "legal" compitition gear, get photos of them along their route (to make sure their not using motors), videos throughout workouts, ....

    Unfairly Disqualified,
    Mike L.

  • Aivo Jõeorg
    August 14 at 15:35

    My new bicycle donation (1euro) fund link is: (use https) God speed and keep cycling!

  • Lucas Sanz Sornosa
    August 14 at 09:45

    No words... I can't believe this shit....

  • Endomondo Rasmus
    August 13 at 17:39

    Hi all

    Its unfortunate to see all the negative comments here regarding the prizes.
    As most of you probably know Endomondo runs a lot of challenges each month, some that are country specific and some that are global. For all challenges the winners are drawn randomly and the winners workout checked. If winners enter their workout manually or in other ways make them unavailable we will draw other winners.
    I can ensure every participants that in this case as in every other challenge this was also the case - the winners was drawn randomly.

    Im sorry for all the people who participated and rode a lot of miles in this competition without winning, but it is a risk in all random draws.

    We all look forward to welcoming you in other challenges here on Endomondo in the future and hope your hard work will pay off.



  • Michael Lemuel
    August 09 at 11:20

    I have specifically requested Scott to respond publically on this issue in this forum. I made a suggestion that should address all unfairly unaccounted for participants. I hope Scott will be prompt on this issue, and that it does not have to go on further. I do want participants to remain open minded. If Scott does the right thing, I hope no one holds any grudge agaist them. If they refuse to address this issue, I'll do my best to assist as I am able.

    Mike L.