Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch

Country: United States
Postal Code: 54914
Birthday: Mar 03, 1959
Sex: Male
Weight: 157 pounds
Height: 5 ft 8 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, transport
Total workouts: 1850
Total duration: 2m:18d:06h
Total distance: 24397.5 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.98
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.102
Average speed: 13.15 mph
Average pace: 4m:34s
Calories burned: 1189430 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 2202

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Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch was out walking. He tracked 2.06 mi in 41m:02s.

Oh, life is like that. Sometimes, at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at its zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us.
2 hours ago

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  • Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch 30 minutes ago

    The initial posting is a quote from A Christmas Story that seemed to fit the picture of Lola looking all embarrassed over having to wear a ridiculous Easter costume.

  • Shawna Dane 25 minutes ago

    That's cute... My family keeps telling me to watch that movie.... Have a wonderful evening! It's been a cool rain here for two almost three days! Sorry I got all worried on you!

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  • Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Yesterday at 21:04

    Hahaha Mike, it's actually her latest and best fitting harness, but now that you mention it, it does look like a doggie fashion statement. Boy blue but with a big bow on the front - I don't understand it, so it must be fashion :-)

  • Rahul Kotabage Yesterday at 23:20

    Nice walk and awesome snaps... Very cute pics :)

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Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch was out cycling. He tracked 12.16 mi in 53m:58s.

After Mike's picture of the Oshkosh ice shove, I had to check out the Neenah shoreline. Most of the shore was all clear but I did find a small area of piled ice. The stuff in the water was making pretty crinkly sounds as it rolled around in the waves.
Friday at 17:13

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  • Shawna Dane Friday at 20:09

    Great riding and wonderful

  • luca caleffi Yesterday at 14:56

    Nice pics! Spring has finally arrived also in your country Brad ;)

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  • Retha Reinders Friday at 14:03

    Lol!!! Had a good laugh now... Not too sure what the time difference are, but think when its morning time your side it is afternoon this side... One of us can do time travel!! Haha!

  • Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Yesterday at 14:28

    It's 7 hours later for you. Many times when I'm talking to you, you probably are sleeping, SO I BETTER START YELLING TO MAKE SURE YOU HEAR ME. ARE YOU AWWWAAAAAKKKKE?????

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Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch was out cycling. He tracked 9.00 mi in 38m:28s.

I saw the second half of the lunar eclipse on my ride in this morning. On the way home I saw snowflakes. It would seem that spring is in hiding for the time being. But as I neared home the sun did make an appearance, which makes me feel that there is hope. ~ And now including a photo took by my cousin-in-law. This was taken somewhat before I went out.
April 15 at 16:51

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  • Retha Reinders Thursday at 14:52

    Wow! didnt see this! Beautiful! and nice ride Brad!

  • Brad (Nearly Normal) Waldoch Thursday at 15:14

    I know, doesn't it? I was watching it too, but my eyes didn't see it like this at all... much smaller with less detail and color. But it's cool to know I was there for it.

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