Charlie L

Country: United States
Postal Code: 54650
Sex: Male
Favorite Sport: Cycling, transport
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  • Let's celebrate 2 billion km!

    Most calories,
    All sports
    • 1 Gohar
      162365 kcal
    • 7649 Charlie
      14116 kcal
  • Winter biking

    Most miles,
    Cycling (sport), Cycling (transport), Mountain biking,...
    • 1 Marek
      11173.31 mi
    • 117 Charlie
      1549.19 mi

Charlie L was out cycling. He tracked 102.14 mi in 6h:26m:09s.

Minds in Motion ride with Jim N. Really enjoy it. Some rain. Some sun, very little. Temps varied depending on if it was raining from 69 to 77. Light winds. Little soreness in left knee again. Haven't had that for months. Ice feels good.
June 16 at 13:43

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Charlie L was out cycling. He tracked 116.65 mi in 7h:03m:55s.

Light cross wind from the West in the morning. Then mostly headwinds in the afternoon. Sometimes significant. Started about 55 degrees, up to high 70's at finish time. Great ride with Six riders this year. We stayed together for the entire distance. Good cooperation and safety.
First personal best 50 miles of 2h:52m:08s .
June 07 at 14:38

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