Ferdinand G

Country: Germany
Birthday: May 25, 1950
Sex: Male
Weight: 180.78 pounds
Height: 5 ft 12 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 1477
Total duration: 7m:9d:23h
Total distance: 80255.2 mi
  • Trips around the world: 3.223
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.336
Average speed: 15.06 mph
Average pace: 3m:59s
Calories burned: 5465800 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 10121

My Ongoing Challenges

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  • Ferdinand G 10 hours ago

    Danke Jörg, Da hat sich das EndoWetter geirrt. Sonne und Wolken lösten sich ab. Einzig, von den Niederungen der großen Seen, stieg grauer Nebel auf. Aber es herrschte kräftiger Wind mit bis zu 35Km/H...der allerdings half und hinderte gleichermaßen. Danke für Deinen Kommentar, vielleicht begegnen wir uns nächste Woche wieder, dann machen wir unsere 1. Fahrt perfekt.

  • Jörg Ha 9 hours ago

    Alles klar Ferdi,
    Das wird dann aber Mitte Mai werden. Vorher bin ich die Wochenenden belegt, leider! Oder es wird mal ein verlängerter Heimweg von der Arbeit. Mittwoch vielleicht?

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 49.09 mi in 2h:49m:20s.

He listened to "These Days (Featuring Luz Casal)" by Jackson Browne And David Lindley.
Yesterday at 09:18

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  • Philippe Gehin Yesterday at 15:11

    Hello Ferdinand c is true it n is not easy to run(drive) every day I take advantage I am on holidays but it is necessary to recuperer we have a cold weather at present it n is not easy it is necessary to be great motivate good evening

  • Przemek Komorowski 19 hours ago

    Hello Ferdinand! I see you celebrate Easter on the bike :) Happy Easter then!

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 37.26 mi in 2h:31m:22s.

mit "Regenrad"
He listened to "Month Of Sundays - Feat. Elana Stone And Brian Campeau" by Passenger.
Friday at 12:55

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Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 44.82 mi in 2h:49m:36s.

Der Regen hat mich gestoppt;-((.
He listened to "Lucinda Williams" by The Pretender.
Friday at 06:10

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  • BRONIUS Levickas Friday at 08:06

    Hi Ferdinand, Thanks for the comment. I'm OK, today I was working. During that time, while I was in the hospital, feet get at all stiff. Got to give the leg work now :-). We in the morning the weather is still cold +2, but has a normal warm day. Weekend weather will be good, it will go to the village. Beautiful Ferdinand Easter to you and your family.

  • Terry Friday at 08:21

    Nice ride Ferdi!!

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  • Ferdinand G Thursday at 11:40

    Danke an alle, für die Kommentare. Es sind so viele, da sitze ich fast solange vor dem PC, als wie auf dem Rad. Deshalb auf diesem Weg: Danke und ich wünsche Euch ein frohes Osterfest

  • Ferdinand G Thursday at 11:45

    Thanks to all for the comments. There are as many as I need (if I would like to thank individually for each), just as much time in front of the PC, as such on the road bike. Therefore, in this way: Thank you and I wish you a Happy Easter. Google Translation!!

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 82.43 mi in 5h:35m:48s.

2°C/3°C leichtem Graupelschauer, immer wieder...und kalter starker Wind aus WN.
April 15 at 08:07

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  • Przemek Komorowski April 16 at 03:57

    Hello Ferdinand! Danke für Kommentar und PT :) Ich konnte die Fahrt zu genießen bis zum 21. km, dann... bekomme ich total nass in nur 3 km. Glücklicherweise war es fast am Ende der Fahrt. Heute endlich die Sonne scheint bei uns. Ich wünsche Dir dasselbe und wunderbar Fahrt!

  • (no name provided) Thursday at 04:37

    Ich schick dir mal ein bischen besseres Wetter vom Niederrhein!

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 23.05 mi in 1h:40m:20s.

He listened to "The Ship Song" by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds.
April 14 at 11:41

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  • Terry April 14 at 12:42

    "Ferdi". Simply a legend

  • Shawna Dane April 14 at 23:20

    Thank you for the comment and you always ride so strong no matter what the weather is like

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 64.21 mi in 4h:33m:28s.

Vorhersage war : kalt, Regen mit Schnee und Wind. Kalt und windig war es. Regen blieb aus.
April 14 at 06:36

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  • Terry April 14 at 07:54

    Great times! Great rider!

  • BRONIUS Levickas April 14 at 13:31

    difficult day again today , but defeat not you :-) , respect Ferdinand..

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 63.17 mi in 3h:37m:10s.

Regen und Wind...aber 18°C
He listened to "Only A Woman" by Enrique Iglesias.
April 13 at 07:56

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  • Sara ;> April 13 at 07:57

    Świetnie! Pozdrawiam

  • BRONIUS Levickas April 13 at 15:05

    Thanks for the comment Ferdinand .You are very consistent about hobbies and leisure.I am happy for your family.I also watched today with a friend Paris Roubaix on TV.In my mind, we were together :-) .This weekend got me to go flop :-( ( .I became sick with some kind of flu , it's just better today .Have a good evening and a good beginning of the week..

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  • Shawna Dane April 12 at 08:06

    Very nicely done once again Ferdi.... I hope you have a great day

  • Ulrik Marq M5 April 12 at 12:41

    very nice

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  • James Bemis April 13 at 00:52

    That is beautiful country.

  • PC Pelser Thursday at 12:52

    Are you riding MTB or road cycling?

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 74.34 mi in 4h:59m:19s.

He listened to "City Lights" by Blutengel.
April 10 at 10:58

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  • Ferdinand G April 10 at 13:00

    I use from spring to late autumn, three different Roabikes. in addition I use 3 different impeller rates. For the winter I have 2 additional road bikes, because of the salt and the permanent wetness. As I can ride a lot of miles.

  • (no name provided) April 10 at 14:25

    Danke Ferdi, die ermutigenden Kommentare! Der heutige Ausflug war windig und kalt, aber die Sonne schön scheint. Morgen regnet es oder Schneeregen hier, Rest der Woche wurde ein sehr unbeständiges Wetter versprochen. Hoffentlich das Wetter verbessern wird und Sie werden wieder für Ihren Sommer-Fahrrad fahren.

Ferdinand G was out cycling. He tracked 34.60 mi in 2h:19m:06s.

He listened to "Dream Baby Dream" by Bruce Springsteen.
April 10 at 05:21

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  • BRONIUS Levickas April 10 at 14:07

    Hi Ferdinand, Thanks for you comments. Yesterday it rained all day and night, in the morning to work in the rain, too, had to go. :-( (. I look forward to the weekend weather will be better, need to go at least 150 miles. Leg getting stronger, I can already pedaling, standing up. But yet fully bending the paper. Lacking that kneel sit on your feet 10 inches. Yes, was a difficult day for you then. To watch the monitor, always looks nice :-). But still a great distance traveled., and I hope to you will be better weather weekend. Much I wish to travel miles
    Anuliuoti pakeitimus.

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