Leana Less

Country: United Arab Emirates
Birthday: May 07, 1975
Sex: Female
Weight: 108.03 pounds
Height: 5 ft 6 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 462
Total duration: 24d:23h:20m
Total distance: 9416.95 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.378
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.039
Average speed: 15.71 mph
Average pace: 3m:49s
Calories burned: 433234 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 802

My Ongoing Challenges

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  • Steven Honeyman January 01 at 10:36

    Good stuff :-) Throwing down the gauntlet and getting the year off to a fast start!!

  • Howard Hochheiser April 04 at 07:48

    Everything ok Leana? This seems like your only recorded 2014 ride.

Leana Less was out running. She tracked 3.11 mi in 30m:00s.

Garmin died last few km on bike ride :(
December 20 at 03:30

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Leana Less was out cycling. She tracked 15.61 mi in 52m:25s.

Supposed to be easy 28km back to car - ended up having to cycle straight into sandstorm with headwinds - sucked (oh and battery died 2km from car)
December 20 at 01:58

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Leana Less was out cycling. She tracked 72.83 mi in 3h:30m:36s.

Boys killed my legs!
December 20 at 00:20

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  • Leana Less December 16 at 23:54

    I am back (well for a month at least :) )

Leana Less was out swimming for 15m:17s.

Rough day out there - just couldn't get over swells and breakers
December 15 at 22:04

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