Miguel Gomis

Country: Spain
Postal Code: 46600
Birthday: Dec 15, 1983
Sex: Male
Favorite Sport: Running
Total workouts: 345
Total duration: 12d:21h:16m
Total distance: 3098.64 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.124
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.013
Average speed: 10.02 mph
Average pace: 5m:59s
Calories burned: 244413 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 452

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Miguel Gomis was out running. He tracked 5.35 mi in 1h:00m:05s.

Entreno mixto 8 correr, 2 caminar
Yesterday at 04:47

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Miguel Gomis was out cycling.

April 06 at 10:02

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Miguel Gomis was out walking. He tracked 4.83 mi in 1h:05m:07s.

Entreno mixto, haver si vuelvo a coger la rutina...
March 26 at 03:20

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  • Miguel Gomis March 26 at 09:06

    A ver si me pongo ya las pilas, inma,jejeje. Bsos wapa!!

  • Tote Alegria March 27 at 18:17


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  • Miguel Gomis March 20 at 11:50

    Thanks selvam. I have to go back to pick up the pace

  • (no name provided) March 20 at 16:16

    Bien Miguel,el ritmo ya lo cojeras,lo bueno es que has salido

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