Runners in Hong Kong

For anyone who runs in Hong Kong!

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  • Xinyi Feng
    August 16 at 04:43

    Can't believe I am #2 this week. We need to work harder.

  • Allan Stephens
    April 02 at 10:50

    I couldn't make the Lantau 50 this year coz it was on my Mrs' bday. How was it? I did the AA Sai Kung 50 instead. It wasn't as constantly technical - but the heat on the day and Sharp Peak made it tough. Where r you training? I guess Lantau / Tai Lam are best trail access for you?

  • Dan Perry
    January 03 at 21:24

    Thanks Allan. I've seen that one on the way to the airport. I'll check it out.

    I signed up for the Lantau50 in March. I don't suppose we have anyone else here doing it?

  • Allan Stephens
    December 27 at 02:36

    Dan, I would suggest you hop on the West Rail to Tsuen Wan West, or Tung Chung line to any TC-bound stop basically. Tsing Yi has a great seaside running Track. Tsuen Wan too - and just outside the Tsuen Wan West Station

  • Dan Perry
    December 03 at 00:00

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent public running track near tai kok tsui. Any suggestions?


  • Benny Tam
    October 13 at 08:25

    Dan: enjoy and good luck too...

  • Dan Perry
    October 10 at 09:56

    Good stuff Benny. I did the half marathon last year but just doing the 10k this year. My son is only 2 so maybe I'll drag him along next year :)

    Good luck

  • Benny Tam
    October 09 at 12:09

    Dan : I join it, with my son (3km fun)

  • Dan Perry
    September 18 at 21:23

    Anyone doing the Unicef races at the end of November?

  • Dan Perry
    September 03 at 09:01

    so where do most of you run? I live in tai kok tsui so either head down to the avenue of stars or the west Kowloon promenade

  • Allan Stephens
    January 27 at 08:45

    Guys: Can't we recruit more runners to get our KMs up? Dare I propose everybody try to gain one friend to push us up~?!? 多谢大家!

  • Michael Lam
    October 11 at 22:14

    Anyone has registered in next year SCM?

  • Michael Lam
    May 26 at 10:29

    We have tracked a total of 2395Km thus far, yeah! ^^