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  • Ricardo Bolio
    February 26 at 00:55

    Hey guy! Mexico reporting in!

  • Ruben Carpio
    November 07 at 13:14

    Whats up everyone..

  • Sean Bovinett
    July 26 at 23:57

    Howdy Redditors!

  • Hurlz Hurlzy
    July 05 at 19:35

    Were any of you at the 4th meetup? Or Global?

  • Ruairi Carroll
    June 11 at 14:54

    Holy crap how the hell did I get to #7 on the leader-board.

  • Hurlz Hurlzy
    June 01 at 18:35

    Here comes that chunky new girl! Watch her run (and maybe get tan)!

  • Don Reece
    May 01 at 10:52

    Happy May Day, Redditors! Let's get running!!

  • Mateusz Jesionowski
    March 16 at 12:50

    Hello fellow Redditors:)

  • Piotr Skwarek
    February 12 at 14:04

    I've installed RunKeeper, Runtastic and Nike+ Running Apps. After testing one of them will replace thievish endomondo.

  • Dave Withnall
    January 31 at 16:16

    Wohoo! I've logged 1000km of running.

  • Goran Koscec
    January 31 at 08:46

    I quit for Strava because the results and stats that i had over the past few months on endomondo were suddenly locked and I had to buy the upgrade to get the stuff I had when I bought the pro app. I really wanted to buy the premium but after this stupid and greedy move by them I quit. I would have paid more than what they're sking for now.

  • Dave Withnall
    January 21 at 16:36

    Who is getting charged for things they already paid for? I got an email telling me that They had halved the price and because of that I was getting an extra year added to my subscription.
    Is there some other thing that they're charging for that I don't know about?

  • Jamo W
    January 19 at 03:16

    I like the new premium version - sure some of it I have paid for before, but that was discounted off my first year. Any for 15 bucks a year - it's a few cents every run. Not everything can be free - and if they keep producing a quality app - I'm happy to pay.

  • Jerod Shuford
    January 17 at 12:08

    New to the group. Excited to try this out!

  • Raf Szczesny
    December 17 at 12:21

    Here's the Strava team page