The National Bike Challenge

Over 30,000 people rode 12 million miles in this free program May 1 to August 31, 2012. The warm-up for the 2013 Challenge will begin in March 2013.

  • Louis Victor King
    June 04 at 13:37

    we had snow on may 1st. no biking then

  • James Webster
    May 25 at 06:50

    So what happened to the site ???

  • Miguel Lopez
    March 12 at 18:50

    GL and HF Brent!!! Also, 82 miles yesterday Woooooooo first leg cramp at mile 73. had to stand up and pedal :D

  • EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson
    March 08 at 20:39

    Ok, so I just signed up. Its like a parallel universe!

  • EM "ridin' no reason needed" Matteson
    March 08 at 18:49

    Hi you guys. Is it finally spring? We had a couple of weeks of winter with real snow and everything., all in the end of Feb. beginning of March. Yeah, I was out today. Little piles of snow here and there and some tough wind, but temps around 50. Nobody else out riding today, but I got a couple of friendly waves from drivers, just imagine that! A twisted version of my regular route so I found a couple of really steep hills that I didn't know about before. I'm gonna be checking in and registering. Happy to be out again!!

  • Brent Baldwin
    March 07 at 04:18

    This will just be cross training exercise for me because main focus is trail running but it should be fun. Look forward to seeing what my total is at the end of 2013.

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