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Alexandra Kovacsova, BSc

Fitness Expert & Sports Rehab Specialist

Alexandra is a professional with 10+ years in sports massage, health, fitness, strength and conditioning, and sports rehabilitation. Whilst her educational background focuses on serving athletes of all levels, she also has a vast amount of experience in guiding individuals of all abilities from injured to strong, empowering them to lead higher quality lives, resume work or engage in sports without movement restrictions. She has served over 1000+ clients in recovering from sports injuries and reaching peak performance. In collaboration with a spinal specialist and physiotherapist, she's undertaken the rehabilitation of individuals with spinal cord injury and worked with children with cerebral palsy. She brought her expertise to the online world to help people move, train, and live pain-free through insightful blogs, guidebooks like "Movement Restorations," and online courses and tutoring. As a British Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, preparing for the World Championship, she opened her own martial arts, sports conditioning, and recovery centre in King's Lynn, UK, serving already 100+ members to reach their peak performance.


  • Owner, Strength & Conditioning + Sport Rehabilitation Coach


    Apr 2016 – Present

  • Well-Being Personal Trainer

    Nuffield Health

    Apr 2014 – Apr 2016


  • ARU

    BSc (Hons), Strength & Conditioning And Rehabilitation

    Sep 2020 – 2023

  • Pro Active Training

    Level 4 – Strength & Conditioning


  • The Training Room

    Level 3 – Itec Sports Massage Therapist


  • The Training Room

    Level 3 – Personal Trainer



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