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Cesar Sauza

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Cesar Sauza is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 9 years of experience as an outpatient clinical dietitian specializing in pediatrics, maternal nutrition, obesity and diabetes. He has over five years of leadership experience as a clinical nutrition manager. Cesar also has over 10 years of experience in food safety, working as a food safety monitor and nutrition educator for senior meal programs in Los Angeles. Cesar has many years of experience as a nutrition writer and media contributor, he has been featured on several local and national media outlets in both English and Spanish.


  • AltaMed Health Services

    Clinical Nutrition Manager

    2018 – Present

  • Food Safe: Consulting Nutritional Services

    Regional Nutritionist

    2011 – Present

  • AltaMed Health Services

    Registered Dietitian

    2014 – 2018

  • RD Consultants, Inc: La Puente Head Start

    Registered Dietitian

    2014 – 2017

  • Nutrition as Therapy, LLC

    Registered Dietitian

    2014 – 2015

  • NutritionMasters, LLC: AltaMed, South Central Family Health Center, UMMA Community Clinic

    Registered Dietitian

    2014 – 2016


  • University of Southern California- Community Diabetes Initiative

    Dietetic Intern (Elective/Community)


  • Cedars Sinai Medical Center

    Dietetic Intern (Food Service)