• Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin
    April 12 at 08:00

    @Christopher - Sorry to hear that. I hope you recover quickly, and got the owner's name and info and report it, to make him pay for any medical expenses, or if only to help prevent it from happening again. Last weekend I was chased twice by a collie on the Oak Leaf Trail just south of Warnimont Golf Course. In hindsight, I should have stopped and talked with the owner, but I was helping at a running race at the time.

  • Christopher Robles
    April 11 at 21:16

    Was bitten by a bike-chasing dog on the KK River trail in Milwaukee near Bay View today. Owner was letting him roam off-lease while he talked on his bluetooth. Dog looked like a rhodesian ridgeback, but could have been a similar looking breed.

  • Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin
    February 22 at 10:21

    @Rich - You can stilll record your miles. (It just won't show up on this challenge - but there are other challenges for the Winter.) Just click on Endomondo at the top of this screen. Then, click on New Workouts in the green area of the top of that screen.
    For the challenges, one substitute that a lot of us are on for the Winter is: http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/13586751

  • Rich Moriarty
    February 21 at 21:31

    Been commuting all winter in Madison, Wisconsin - except for one Monday that was way below zero F - and it would nice to record the miles as a perk. But Endomondo stopped allowing any recording since January 1. Too bad. Could be some persuasive evidence that biking is a viable option, even in frigid, icy weather (using studded tires) throughout the year.

    Rich Moriarty

  • Marty "Jute Burlap Fizzyology King" Malin
    January 10 at 01:49

    @Carl - That's some serious riding!

  • Carl Morrison
    January 09 at 17:49

    2013 was a great year on my bike did 12633 miles my goal was 5000 last year started on april 1 did 208 days on my bike with out a day off this year started on jan 9th -16 coldest day i ever rode my bike and it was a good ride got a new bike 4 winter a fat tire bike and i'm loving it rides nice little bit slow but that is ok

NEWS FROM Wisconsin Bike Fed
  • THIRD place in the nation!
    October 01 at 10:28

    Wisconsin, great job! We came in THIRD PLACE in the National Bike Challenge!

  • September 18 at 16:04

    We're getting close! Keep pedaling, Wisconsin!

    Where have your recent rides taken you?

  • THREE communities in the TOP TEN
    September 06 at 10:40

    Great job so far, Wisconsin! We have not one, not two, but THREE communities in the TOP TEN for the National Challenge.

    We've got a few more weeks to go - keep pedaling!

  • So far...
    July 03 at 14:20

    Wisconsin bicyclists have -

    > Biked 1,061,054 miles
    > Burned 22,610,093 calories
    > Saved 433,953 pounds of CO2
    > Saved $137,780

    Keep up the good work, Wisconsin!

  • Log Your Bike To Work Week miles!
    May 17 at 15:17

    Don't forget, Bike To Work Week is a great opportunity to log your miles for the challenge. Encourage your coworkers and friends to do the same, and let's beat last years totals!

  • Workplace Leaderboard - 5.10.13!
    May 10 at 10:51

    It's been another fantastic week of the Wisconsin Bike Challenge! Here's your workplace leader board for this Friday:

    Trek Bicycle: 58083 pts
    Northwestern Mutual: 11312 pts
    University of Wisconsin-Madison: 9017 pts
    Epic Systems: 6603 pts
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: 5120 pts

    Sign up your workplace in the challenge --> http://bit.ly/17xPZwK