• Sheila "Hmm...What'sAtTheOtherEndOfThatRoad" Marsh
    April 29 at 14:52

    Golly, I'm glad I changed my mind about heading out there, yesterday--I can't belive it either. Hmm anyone got any ideas on whom we should talk to about this issue?

  • Pete Nelson
    April 03 at 17:19

    Here we are into April and the trails are still closed under the I-680 bridge. Also, I don't get why the Big Papio Trail closure needed to extend all the way under the Pacific Street Bridge? Couldn't they have at least left trail access open from Pacific to points South/East? (i.e., close from just north of the Pacific access ramp.)

  • Mike Wagster
    January 09 at 09:13

    The Nebraska Department of Roads is starting the widening of the I-680 bridge over the Big Papio and Lamp Park Trails this week. Both trails will be closed from just north of the I-680 bridge south to Pacific Street. This project is to begin Thursday, January 9 and continue until approximately March 15, 2014. Trail users heading south on the Big Papio Trail from Blondo Street should be aware that there are no public access points to the trail south of Blondo Street. View map here: http://www.cityofomaha.org/parks/images/stories/Trails/Big%20Papio%20Lamp%20Trail%20Closures-2014-01-07.pdf

  • Mark Crown
    January 07 at 23:36

    For those of you fortunate to have cycled in or near Asheville NC or Greenville SC, here's what good cycling support, at the city level, looks like. Absolutely beautiful region for cycling. No wonder Hincapie calls it home.

  • Mark Crown
    January 07 at 23:13

    The meeting was recorded. Where's it posted? I was quite impressed by both the number of speakers and the quality of their presentation. Bravo to all in attendance.


  • Mark Crown
    January 07 at 23:04

    Safety was the focus of the hearing. The timing for this concern wasn't revealed: no accidents, no documented complaints, a bit of anecdotal concern. Check here for comments by many who attended.

NEWS FROM Activate Omaha
  • Winter Challenge Update
    November 04 at 12:52

    Hello All! We've noticed some questions/comments about the winter bike challenge.

    First, remember that - just like last year - this is a very informal deal. Our involvement starts and ends with us setting up the tracking page. This is not an extension of the national challenge, which had all kinds of resources $$ and worked specifically with Endomondo to create the site. Unfortunately, we are not in the same boat. :)

    To track your miles, you will need to click on "New Workout" at the top of the page. You can also log via your mobile phone. It will be different than what you had to do for the national challenge, but we have no control over that.

    Any questions about the website, why things do or do not track, show, add, etc., etc., are not things we have any answer, fix, solve, etc.

    Hopefully everyone will be able to get the hang of it after a few days of using the new page. The main thing is to just keep challenging yourself and keep riding. Be safe, be visible, be warm. We love you. :) Julie and Madison.

  • Voices Needed
    October 24 at 15:00

    We're looking for transportation cyclists who reside in the Field Club, Ford Birthsite or Hanscom Park neighborhoods that can help us get the word out about a project that will be coming to that area. If you fit that description, please let me know so that we can put you on the list and keep you informed of opportunities to lend your voice! julie@livewellomaha.org

  • Winter Commuting Clinic -TBA
    October 23 at 10:36

    Also, Madison is working on getting the Winter Cycling Clinic set up. We'll make sure to post it here as well!

    October 23 at 10:32

    We're set! Please click on this link and register to log your miles for the Omaha Winter Bicycle Challenge. No teams, no prizes, no formal anything ... just a great way to track our miles and show that bicycling can be done year-round, even in Omaha! :)


  • Winter Challenge
    October 22 at 11:28

    Hello All!

    We wanted to take your temperature (ha! pun intended) on something. We see that there has been a "generic" Winter Bike Challenge started on Endomondo. We were going to set something up specific to Omaha as we've done in the past so that we can have Omaha-specific data. It would be hands off from us other than setting up the bones of the challenge. Chime in with your thoughts!

    October 09 at 19:11

    Still on the fence about whether to join us for the Wrap Up Shindig Thursday night? Maybe the chance to check out the draft of the new bicycle commuter map would change your mind? Who better than those who have been riding all summer to give us feedback on the new version before we send it to print? Spread the word and join us Thursday night starting at 5pm at the Brazenhead Pub!