• Roman Kaleta
    April 30 at 23:30

    Yes what a fuckinf pain.

  • Darin Hintz
    April 29 at 15:08

    I give up. I can't open the new fucking website and it is a major pain in the ass to log miles. GL all.

  • Ray S
    January 09 at 10:18

    Get out and ride, Darin! Cold and snow just means less people in the way and no bugs. I did a short ride on Monday night, subzero the entire time, really didn't feel that cold. An extra layer and foot warmers in my boots and I was nice and toasty. I had planned to ride further, but the trail was too snowy so I had to hit the roads and all the red lights and stop signs made my goggles fog up and ice over way too fast.

  • Darin Hintz
    January 08 at 14:58

    must...... get....... on....... bike.......

  • Shelli Snyder
    October 23 at 10:33

    Photos are up from the RustCup Ceremony!! https://www.facebook.com/RustCrown

  • Shelli Snyder
    October 16 at 09:28

    So...apparently my email hates certain addresses lately and refuses to send to said peeps...If you have not heard a response from me...the ride is still on for Friday!
    You still must find your own way back.
    You should try and let me know a total number of folks at the food truck ending by this afternoon. i can then let the food truck know how much to buy...

    Meeting at Lock 39 parking on Rockside and rolling out no later than 9am.
    Some of us are doing breakfast at Yours Truly at 8...join in!
    ride: 65 miles "ish"
    Cue sheets will be available.
    3-4 regroup stops...lunch en route.
    Pay yer own way.
    15-17mph ave overall speed.
    Hope to see ya there!

NEWS FROM Bike Cleveland
  • The Results are In
    October 04 at 15:51

    The final results are in for the CLE-vs- PGH Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes. Read about it here: http://www.bikecleveland.org/2013/10/04/the-results-are-in/

  • Last Day to Log
    September 30 at 16:31

    Monday, September 30th is that last day to log your miles and make them count towards the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes. Make sure you log all your miles from May 1-September 30th by 11:59pm tonight on the day they were ridden so you get the 20 point bonus for each day you rode. This is going to be a close one.

  • CLE rides longer but PGH takes more trips
    September 12 at 17:52

    Cleveland has passed PGH in miles as we head into the final 2 weeks of the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes. But the battle is not won by miles, it is won by points. PGH is beating us in points. How can CLE get more points? Make sure you are logging all your trips the day you ride them, you get a 20 point bonus even for short rides. Ride on CLE, we can win this.

  • We are beating Pittsburgh
    September 05 at 22:00

    As of 10pm September 5th Cleveland is beating Pittsburgh in the National Bike Challenge based on miles. Keep logging, we have 25 days left before Cleveland finally brings home a championship.

  • 5,000 Miles
    September 03 at 23:38

    We are within 5,000 miles of surpassing PGH in the National Bike Challenge Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes. Are all your miles logged? Are all your friends miles logged? Lets show PGH that Cleveland can win a championship. Keep logging until October 1. Ride safe, ride often!

  • Down by 16,000 - CLE is catching up
    August 31 at 21:46

    The battle between PGH and CLE for the RustCrown is heating up. Cleveland has gone from being down by over 50,000 miles, to only being down by 16,000 miles. One month to go. Keep logging and tell your friends. Lets bring a championship to Cleveland.