• Steve Koster
    October 10 at 21:56

    Congrats PGH on the Rust Belt WIN!!! I knew we could do it.

  • Drewbacca AWD
    September 30 at 19:54

    Only a few hours left... Don't forget to log your miles! Just one mile a day makes a difference, so if you know you went for a ride on a day that you didn't log, LOG IT! May-June-July-August-Sept! Pgh>Cle GO!

  • Jon A Webb
    September 27 at 11:02

    You have to show them your Endomondo page with your points on it. They're real strict about that. I asked the bartender why and she said, "You have no idea what people will do for free beer."

  • Kitaira Starr
    September 27 at 09:12

    a friend can have one of your beers - but not at the same time as you having one. At least that's what I gathered last time I asked... I have one left to redeem.

  • Drewbacca AWD
    September 26 at 00:51

    1) Show up, show them who you are on a tablet the bartender has, fill out the sign up sheet and get a card. You don't need any special authentication... it's a painless sign up.
    2) I think it is at the bartender's discretion.
    3) Don't think so, and you're limited to I believe Dale's or EEB Pedal Pale.

    *Enjoy what you can get. I haven't redeemed any of mine and I'm out of state until October. :( I was, however, there when a friend signed up.

  • Alex Rudnicky
    September 25 at 19:19

    The NEWS reminds me that I haven't redeemed any of my OTB beers. Which might explain (some of) my thirst that follows on a ride... Anyway I don't see any instructions (other than "show up and get a free beer!"). So, can anyone enlighten me on the following:

    1) What, exactly, is the authentication procedure? (What do I have to show up with.)
    2) Seems I have to drink all of it up by the 30th, and at one glass per "visit". What is the definition of a visit? Go outside, wait n minutes, then go back in? (No, I don't bike drunk.)
    3) Can I assign a drink to companions?