Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is organizing the Challenge?

    The lead sponsor is Kimberly-Clark Corporation and the Challenge is organized and presented by the League of American Bicyclists.

  • What is the Challenge?

    The Challenge is an exciting health and wellness initiative that encourages people to bike for transportation and recreation. In 2013, we aim to have 50,000 riders pedaling 20 million miles from May 1, 2013 until September 30, 2013. It is open and free to anyone who lives in the U.S. or works for an organization with U.S. employees.

  • What is the history of the Challenge?

    In 2009, Kimberly-Clark Corporation created an internal Bike Challenge for its more than 50,000 employees. With the help of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, the Challenge was successfully piloted In Wisconsin at the state-wide level in 2011. The Bike Challenge, then called the Get Up & Ride National Bike Challenge, went national in 2012. It had over 30,000 participants riding 12 million miles; 2013 will be the second year the Challenge is national in scope.

  • Does my ride to the grocery store count? How about my weekend fitness ride?

    Every time you get on your bike the miles count. Whether they are for fitness, fun, or transportation make sure to join and log them on Miles pedaled on a stationary bike or trainer do not count.

  • Is there a local version of the Challenge?

    The Challenge is a National campaign, but local advocacy groups are able to also create a local challenge within the National Challenge. For more information on setting up a local Challenge, contact Katie Omberg.

  • How do I participate with my bike club?

    The best way to participate with your club is to create a Team for your club. When registering, participants are given the opportunity to create a new team or join an existing team.

  • How do I sign up?
    • Individuals can join at
    • Organizations can join by identifying themselves as a team or workplace or both.
    • Once a participant has registered, they have the option to join a team or workplace.

      (NOTE: A participant who creates a team is made the Team Captain, a responsibility they can assign to another Team member at any point during the Challenge).

    • Local advocacy groups can create a local challenge by contacting Katie Omberg. For more information on organizing your business/organization to participate in the Challenge go to:
    • To register, participants must provide their name, email address, zip code, and accept the Challenge waiver.
  • I am part of a large business with many workplace locations, how can we be recognized as one workplace?

    The Challenge is set up so that you can have as big of team or workplace as you like. You will need to make sure your fellow employees are registering their workplace with the same name i.e. Kimberly-Clark. You can also create multiple teams within your company to be able to collect data distinct to each workplace i.e. Kimberly-Clark, Neenah or Kimberly-Clark, Irving. This would allow you to be counted as part of the large Kimberly-Clark Corporation while also allowing you to create a team for each distinct workplace.

  • I am a Registered Nurse and would like identify myself as part of the national community of nurses. How do I do this?

    If you are part of a large dispersed community such as Registered Nurses and would like to be identified as part of this national group, you would need to follow these steps (RN is used as an example but you could do this with any type of larger community):

    1. Agree on a Team Name.
    2. Join the Challenge at
    3. When filling in your profile information, type in RN-Team Name to join your desired team (note there are no spaces after or before the hyphen)
    4. If you are the first participant to create the team, you will be prompted to invite others on your team as part of registration.

    Following these steps will allow you to be counted as part of your distinct workplace or organization and nationally as an RN, i.e. RN-Curly Girls. Both Team and Workplace are collected when a participant enrolls in the challenge and cannot be changed after registration.

  • How does the National Bike Challenge identify my "community" for the Leaderboard?

    Communities are identified and grouped by zip code. When a participant enters their home zip code, their community is assigned based on that code. This is a change from the 2012 Challenge when communities were determined by geographic areas assigned by the Office of Management and Budget. Using zip code-assigned communities will help streamline the competition and make data collection more useful.

  • How much does it cost to participate?

    The Challenge is offered free to all individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Who can participate?

    The Challenge is open to all persons who either live in the US or work for an organization with US employees.

  • Why should I participate?

    In addition to improving your health, saving money and helping the environment, the Challenge is a fun way for participants to meet other riders in our online community and to win prizes. For organizations, the Challenge provides a fun and free health and wellness program for employees.

  • When does it start and end?

    The Challenge is a five month program that begins May 1, 2013 and ends September 30, 2013.

  • Why does it run for five months?

    In 2012, the Challenge lasted only four months. The majority of feedback we received from participants asked us to increase the length of time, so we extended it by one month for the 2013 Challenge. Since September is another warm month across the country, we didn’t want to waste the great riding weather!

  • How do I participate with my workplace?

    After you register yourself for the Challenge, you will have an option to register your company, or to join it (if a coworker has already registered it). If you don’t sign up with your company when you initially register, you can do so later through the "edit profile" option.

  • How do I participate with my university or college?

    After you register yourself for the Challenge, you will have an option to register your school, or to join it (if it has been already registered). If you don’t sign up with your school when you initially register, you can do so later through the "edit profile" option. College/University teams consist of students, faculty, and staff members.

  • How do I know if I am on a team?

    Go to the Team’s page via the Leaderboard. If you are on a Team, the Team points bar will be highlighted in green.

  • What are the rules?

    The official National Challenge rules are available here:

  • How do I log my rides?

    Participants have two options to enter rides: a smart phone or online

    1. Smart phones: If you have a smart phone or other GPS device, the free App is easy to use and automatically uploads your rides.

    2. Online: Click the "Log Miles" icon, and log your miles. Participants have the option to save often-traveled routes (commute, errands, etc.), and can enter them easily.

  • When do I log my miles?

    To be eligible for the monthly prize drawings, all rides for each month must be entered by 11:59 pm of the last day of each month. To allow for a more current update, miles should be entered daily.

  • What is the Leaderboard?
    • Participants in each category will be ranked based upon total Points with the exception of cities and states, which will be ranked based on total Challenge Points per 1000 residents
    • Rankings will be available on both local and national levels and will include the following categories:
      • Riders, Teams, Workplaces, Communities and States
      • Workplaces
    • For more detailed explanation, click here
    • At the end of the Challenge, plaques will be awarded to the first place winner in each category � see further details here
  • How does the Prize Program work and how do I win?

    All US participants are automatically signed up to enter the monthly drawings for prizes. Winners will be notified via email. In order to receive their prize, winners must supply their postal mailing address. For more information on the prize program, click here

  • How can I help support cycling?

    You can encourage your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to sign up for the Challenge at You can become a member of the League of American Bicyclists at

  • Where do I go if I am having difficulty with the website?

    For technical support go to:

  • What is Endomondo?

    Endomondo is a sports community based on free real-time GPS tracking of running, cycling, etc. that powers Learn more about them here: