Welcome to the 3rd Annual Omaha Winter Bicycle Challenge! Please log your winter miles here. Stay safe and warm!

Goal:Most miles - Cycling (Transport), Cycling (Sport)
Prize:Satisfaction of a job well done! :)
Country:United States
Start:Nov 1, 2013 10:11 AM
End:Mar 31, 2014 1:00 AM
2 M
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  • Ken Curran
    March 31 at 14:46

    Amen Kelly and Jack. Challenge or not, ride on my cycling siblings!

  • Jack Mayfield
    March 31 at 09:50

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in this challenge. Folks were out there on some pretty brutal days this winter. Even though tomorrow morning's temperature is going to be 40 degrees less than this morning's, overall it's starting to look like Spring is just about here. Great job, everyone. Next up: National Bike Challenge, starting May 1. See you there.

    March 31 at 06:51

    Hope all had a great weekend on the machines of life.Lets all spend time on our bikes this year thinking about how lucky and blessed we are to be alive and well!!!I personally have lost to many friends over the past months and have also seen the circle of life with another grandchild 7 mths ago.RIDE AND SMILE "EVERY" DARN DAY FOR LIFE!!!!!

  • Madison Haugland
    March 19 at 17:09

    Does your business, church or school have an immediate need for some bike parking? UNO has a handful of well maintained traditional bike racks that are free for the taking for anyone who can pick them up. Email me (madison@livewellomaha.org) if you want to be connect to the person coordinating the effort. They gotta go this week!

  • (no name provided)
    March 14 at 11:49

    Looking for ways to make sense of Jim's death. Can only offer my services to try and prevent future tragedies. If anyone is looking for volunteers for RoS or any other cyclist/pedestria safety & awareness activities, please count me in.

  • Jack Mayfield
    March 14 at 10:35

    Someone should organize a Ride of Silence for Mr. Johnston.

  • Phil Wandrey
    March 14 at 10:04

    I rode in to work today praying for everyone affected by James' death. How sad.

  • Ken Curran
    March 13 at 17:03

    Sad report hot off the press. A bicyclist was hit by a car a few hours ago about 260th & W. Center Road and he's in critical condition. He had no I.D. and they are still looking for help on that. He rode a blue and white Douglas Fusion bike. More details are on the KETV web site.

  • Phil Wandrey
    March 13 at 08:35

    Motorist kudo #2...stopped at crosswalk at 120th and Blondo this morning...2 cars stopped 4 feet back from the white 'stop' line when they saw me...another car actually backed up after they saw me! Wow...I gave them a friendly wave on the way past them. Ain't life grand!

  • Ken Curran
    March 12 at 09:30

    Great morning ride today with kudos to a couple of motorists. One who slowed down to tell me "Good job" and the other who set a pick for me so I could change lanes.