The coldest temperature ever officially recorded in Wisconsin was -55° F at Couderay on Feb. 4, 1996. Join us as we embrace winter in this week long challenge. Any outdoor biking or walking counts.

Prize:The Wisconsin Bike Fed will award prizes
Country:United States
Start:Feb 3, 2014 1:00 AM
End:Feb 10, 2014 12:59 AM
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  • Paul G Mueller
    February 10 at 12:34

    No Phone, trying to add manually, I go to new work out and add info-just does not carry over to this site.

  • David Schlabowske
    February 10 at 12:20

    Paul, are you using your phone to add your miles or trying to add them manually?

  • David Hofmann
    February 10 at 11:18

    I suspect a number of us did, Paul. Fortunately, they designed an end to this or our wives/families/friends would never see us - unless they were on a bike too. I was great "riding" with you! Maybe we can really ride together in a few months when the National Bike Challenge kicks off.

  • Paul G Mueller
    February 10 at 11:12

    Wish I would have known what mileage was being done-I definitely had it in me to go much further

  • David Hofmann
    February 10 at 10:11

    Challenges like this do bring out the car-chasing canine in me. You set a pretty good pace yourself. Your weekend totals are great. And I'm still in awe of Dave B's 65-mile ride yesterday. Big fun, in a sick sort of way.

  • Paul G Mueller
    February 10 at 09:57

    Sat and Sun, 48 miles, and 50 miles

  • Paul G Mueller
    February 10 at 09:52

    You guys motivated me to go faster, normally I don't push so hard this time of year

  • David Hofmann
    February 10 at 09:53

    Sorry your miles aren't updating, Paul. Yesterday was the last day. You put in an incredible week, even with miles you logged through Saturday. What was your Sunday mileage?

  • David Blodgett
    February 10 at 09:52

    It finished up at 12:59am today.

  • Paul G Mueller
    February 10 at 09:44

    Still can't get my miles to update--oh well thats the way it goes since today i believe is the last day--FYI my final should be 270 miles +