The Challenge
Powerade is proud to be the sports drink chosen by FIFA to hydrate the players of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil. From the Maracana to your pitch, Powerade is committed to providing athletes with the best hydration to power through and perform at their peak.

Seeing progress in your performance demands a commitment to take the best you can do, and do better. To push that little bit further when everyone calls it a day. The Endurance Challenge prepares you to do just that by increasing your strength and stamina. Join athletes around the world who are dedicated to improving their game by participating in The Endurance Challenge.

Official Rules:
The Endurance Challenge pushes you to burn as many calories as you can over the course of a month. The winners will be the four female participants and four male participants who burn the most calories. To participate, all Endomondo activities are allowed. All results must be tracked using Endomondo Sports Tracker. No manual entry is allowed. Endomondo will validate the activities tracked by the winners. In case of a tie, we reserve the right to draw a winner.

The Prize
The four males and four females who have burned the most calories by the end of the month will win a Powerade Prize Pack, including:
• Official Match Ball
• Powerade Sports Bottle
• Powerade Sports Bag
• One-Year Premium Endomondo Membership

Want more?
Join the Powerade Endomondo community to watch inspirational videos and training tips from great footballers at the {Powerade Page|}.

Goal:Most calories - All sports  (GPS tracked workouts only)
Prize:Official Match Ball, Powerade Sports Bottle, Powerade Sports Bag, or One-Year Premium Endomondo Membership
Start:Feb 1, 2014 12:00 AM
End:Feb 28, 2014 11:59 PM
4.47 M
457 M
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