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Prize:What? Nothing!
Start:Apr 6, 2014 8:00 PM
End:Oct 30, 2014 9:00 PM
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  • Christian Hent
    November 11 at 12:58

    @ Barry, Sebastian, Maciek, Wojciech here come your awards:

    The other people from the top ten got it. If one of you four are on facebook, feel free to add me :D

  • Andrzej Lewiński
    November 01 at 05:11

    Thanks for fun. You motivate me to stay in top 15.

  • Christian Hent
    October 31 at 01:54

    @gerald. ...i love strava too, but the problem is they not provide custom challenges.

  • Christian Hent
    October 31 at 01:53

    my next goal is praha in 3 days :D

  • (no name provided)
    October 29 at 11:33

    My goal next year is Malin Head to Mizen Head in 3-4 days, it's about 650km depending on what route you choose. Looking forward to it already!!

  • Pisan Chueachatchai
    October 29 at 11:00

    Well said Barry Thank you very much. We love joomla ;) We Love #jcycle

  • Randy Carey
    October 29 at 08:09

    I try to keep my motivation on personal goals than on competition, but it certainly has been enjoyable to participate within this community. It “raised the bar” for me and encouraged me to think and communicate more in metrics. My original goal of 2000 miles expanded to 5000 km (over 50% more). Next year I want to focus more on one and multi-day touring (exploring new roads and towns) – rather than focus on total miles. But I’ll gladly participate again.

  • (no name provided)
    October 29 at 07:41

    Hey all,
    as Barry said - it was challenging. Even for me.
    This year - with #jcycle - I often did this little tours of just 1 hour.
    Only to get 10 fu*cking kilometers more to stay closer to Christian.
    Never did that bevor!
    That's what I call motivitaion!

    Let's keep this challenage on next year.

    But guy, please let us finally change ALL zu
    It sucks to stay always connected on 2 different sport communities.
    And, by the way, Endomondo sucks so much...

  • Christian Hent
    October 29 at 06:51

    Thank you Barry! It was a pleasure to have you all there. The only thing that hurts a little, is that we not found a sponsor who will donate the fucking 400 bucks for Lizzy. Perhaps next year. But it is still a shame when you see for what shit we all donated in J! this year. ...People, before we start the next chllenge, let us enjoy a break at least until end of januar or februar. PLEASE :D

  • Radek Suski
    October 29 at 06:33

    Well said @Barry. Thank you very much. I think if this challenge is finished we can still start another one. I am for it :)