Push the pedal to the max and you will earn the chance to win One Year Premium membership! Endomondo Premium gives you access to custom training plans and other great features - more information on our Premium page.

We will conduct a drawing among our users to find 5 winners and provide them with One Year Premium membership. The more kilometers/miles you have logged as of August 31 at Midnight CET, the better odds you'll have. You will get one ticket for every kilometer/mile logged.

To ensure fair play, we will check the workouts of the winners. If we find any false workouts, we will conduct a new drawing to find another winner. The winners will receive an email and be announced on this page in early September.

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Time to free your endorphins!

Goal:Most miles - Cycling (Sport), Cycling (Transport), Mountain biking  (All workouts, except manually entered)
Prize:5x One Year Premium Membership
Start:Jul 31, 2014 6:00 PM
End:Aug 31, 2014 5:59 PM
8.18 M
506 M
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  • (no name provided)
    October 17 at 05:18


  • (no name provided)
    September 06 at 12:23

    50ans débutant au velo mais sa va venir ;-)

  • (no name provided)
    September 04 at 12:22

    To Endo Marketing. I think Endo should do more of these challenges specific to the site. Maybe give out random memberships not just to the highest points, calories, etc. I don't know how this challenge decided winners: Most miles, Most miles by category? If it's the former then obviously street bikes will win and the rest of us can't fairly participate.

    You might also consider offering memberships at reduced rates - that way you get people signing up that might not otherwise want to spend the $20. 50% of $20 is better than 100% of $0 - right? A lot of people would probably sign up at lower rates and then you let inertia take over. I think you'd find a large number of people wouldn't cancel because it's "bothersome" or they're too busy. Just a thought.

  • (no name provided)
    September 03 at 08:14

    Thank you all for a great "Push the pedal to win Endomondo Premium" Challenge!
    We have now found the five winners in this challenge.

    Winners of a one year of Endomondo Premium:
    Thijs W.
    Kasia Przeździecka
    Brett Wright
    Aldi Rinaldi
    Alberto Fariña Milan

    All the workouts of the winners have been validated by Endomondo.
    Congratulation to all winners, you will be contacted directly by email. And thank you all for participating.
    Next month’s challenges have already started, so hurry up and join.

  • (no name provided)
    September 02 at 10:54

    the machine

  • (no name provided)
    September 01 at 14:33

    31 August
    My mobile show 48.23 Km but Endomundo History show 22 km

  • (no name provided)
    September 01 at 14:40


  • (no name provided)
    September 01 at 14:31

    they are checking workouts of drawn winners. I've already jumped a few places...

  • (no name provided)
    September 01 at 13:21

    Is it possible to see who won the prizes anywhere?

  • (no name provided)
    September 01 at 13:01

    no nieźle :-) SUPER !!!!