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Goal:Most miles - Cycling (Sport), Cycling (Transport), Mountain biking
Prize:Respect n' satisfaction of mind.
Start:Dec 31, 2014 1:00 PM
End:Dec 31, 2015 1:00 PM
18 M
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  • OJhor Badol #Bangladesh
    January 02 at 13:17

    Congrats Naim bhai :D

  • Naim (DC)
    June 28 at 19:00

    10000km ses

  • Rubel Raf
    March 05 at 12:33

    Users facing the problem with GPS, follow the steps below.
    #1. Turn on endomondo while you are under the open sky.
    #2. Wait for a minute with screen turned on.
    #3. When you see the "GPS excellent/moderate" sign then start the workout.[if you start without getting the gps signal, you'll end up with 0 kilometers!!!]
    #4. Try to keep the device in pocket/bag/strap/holder with minimum obstruction to the direction of sky.
    #5. Use headset in one ear to hear the audio coach. [if you want]
    #6. Add the app to "white-list" of battery saving app. [if any]
    #7. Free up RAM if you can.
    #8. Walton/Symphony Users use this version of Endomondo >>>
    Join Team "BDCyclists"

  • Rubel Raf
    March 02 at 03:13

    BDCyclists Mondo Challenge : March - 2015

  • (no name provided)
    February 21 at 09:57

    BDC chara keu event create korte parbena arokom kono regulation BDC theke deya hoise naki brother? Joke of the day!

  • Rubel Raf
    February 18 at 22:27

    @Yousuf Mohammed Seddat #EDC
    is there anywhere mentioned "BDC official Challenge for Cycling"?
    and why are you still not disgusted of your pathetic self, who cared to express disgust over "just a challenge only aimed for sports and satisfaction of mind"?
    peace of advice: ((( Loose the Mean Minded Attitude )))

  • Yousuf Mohammed Seddat Mohammed Solo MTB Rider
    February 14 at 01:29

    Curious Mind wants to know, is it BDC official Challenge for Cycling Most Km [Bangladesh] 2015?
    Many peoples creating many challenges as they wish in every day. Its really disgusting. just avoiding these peoples whom are creating and inviting. :/

  • Rubel Raf
    February 06 at 16:05

    BDCyclists Mondo Challenge : February - 2015

  • Rubel Raf
    January 14 at 07:28

    Join ((( Team BDCyclists )))

  • Rubel Raf
    January 14 at 07:27

    BDCyclists Mondo Challenge : January - 2015