Win a Hot New Plantronics BackBeat FIT Headset!

It is springtime and time to burn those calories with the Plantronics challenge. This challenge is for all you music-loving exercisers who are annoyed by the cord on their current headphones. Whatever your workout, the stable, comfortable wireless stereo headset provide all the power, safety features, and premium audio you need to stay motivated and moving, indoors or out – making it your perfect workout partner.

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Take the challenge and burn as many calories as you can and be included in the prize draw. The more calories you burn, the higher your chances are of winning! At the end of the month, 10 winners of the hot new Plantronics BackBeat FIT headset will be selected. To ensure fair play, we will check the workouts of the winners. If we find any false workouts, we will conduct a new draw to find another winner. The winners will receive an email once the challenge is over and the draw has been conducted.

About Plantronics
From the day two airline pilots working in a garage set out to invent a new kind of aviation headset until today, we have considered breakthroughs in audio technology as our daily business. We pioneered the lightweight headset, the mobile headset, noise-cancelling technology and the personal speakerphone, always driven by a single obsession: remove the barriers to simply smarter communications.

Goal:Most calories - All sports  (All workouts, except step-counting)
Prize:10x Plantronics BackBeat FIT Red headset
Start:May 31, 2015 11:00 PM
End:Jun 30, 2015 10:59 PM
11.52 M
1,038 M
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  • (no name provided)
    July 31 at 10:59

    I also have not received an email to confirm contact details yet.

  • (no name provided)
    July 20 at 14:15

    All the winners has been contacted to confirm their contact details and the prizes will be shipped shortly.

    Thank you all for participating in this challenge.

    Endomondo Challenge Team.

  • (no name provided)
    July 17 at 22:38

    When you will be sent emails. To confirm shipping address?

  • (no name provided)
    July 06 at 19:37

    Привет всем из Санкт-Петербурга!!!

  • (no name provided)
    July 04 at 16:31

    And the description ALWAYS says it's a prize draw, people just don't read it

  • (no name provided)
    July 04 at 15:52

    Yes, the more you workout the better your odds. But if you cheat they check workouts so its a waste of time really

  • (no name provided)
    July 04 at 15:02

    more miles, more chance

  • (no name provided)
    July 04 at 09:40

    Got you, Renato!
    Thanks for the explanation, didn't know that, since it was said that 10 winners will be selected, but without any details regarding selection rules, so I thought it should be TOP10 as in any other competition.
    It was the first time when I got into the TOP10 cause I was training really hard in June and that's why was curious how this selection was made.

    P.S. So why are there so many cheaters then, if it is not TOP10 only, but anybody, who may be selected?

  • (no name provided)
    July 04 at 01:04

    It's a random draw dmitriy not the top places

  • (no name provided)
    July 03 at 17:01

    Congrats to winners!
    Not going to blame, but just curious, what was wrong with my workouts? They are all opened for everyone, so I would appreciate if somebody could comment - no matter whether it is Endo Admin or anybody else.