Sitpack - the world's most compact foldable seat – is challenging you to bump up your activity!

Get in shape this month and track as many active minutes of your favorite sport! Simply rack up as many active minutes as you can by using Endomondo in any sport to be entered into a prize drawing to win following:
1. Prize: For 1 winner = TravelPack - you win a TravelPack with 2 Sitpacks for a journey of your pick!

2. Prize: For 5 winners = FamilyPacks
While we’re encouraging you to get out there and get active, it’s also vital to rest properly! When resting on a Sitpack, your body maintains proper posture & healthy blood flow to the legs - meaning you’re always ready for your next move!

Show us what you’re made of! Share your sitpackin’ experiences on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #sitpackandrelax

Goal:Most active minutes - All sports  (All workouts, except step-counting)
Prize:1x TravelPack (a journey&2 Sitpacks worth 700€), 5x FamilyPack
Start:Apr 30, 2016 6:00 PM
End:May 31, 2016 5:59 PM
10.31 M
964 M
(no name provided)

Thank you all for a great Earn your right to Sitpack™ and Relax challenge!

We have now found the lucky winners.

The Winner of 1x TravelPack (a journey & 2 Sitpacks worth 700€) is:

- Lars Juul

The 5 Winners of 1x FamilyPack each are:

- Kelly Hilton

- Thomas Fullen

- Hasbi Fauzan

- Sharon D

- Crow23 Varanavicius

All the workouts of the winners have been validated by Endomondo.

Congratulation to all winners, you will be contacted by email. And thank you all for participating.

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