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Prize:What? Nothing!
Start:Dec 31, 2016 7:00 PM
End:Dec 30, 2017 7:00 PM
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  • Christian Hent
    October 15 at 11:50

    @MV no you have to push :D

  • Michiel Verhoef
    October 14 at 12:42

    A flat tyre the first week, being ill the second, october is not the best month so far.

  • Michiel Verhoef
    August 16 at 16:14

    Things can change quickly. Between positions 2 - 7 anything can happen.

  • Michiel Verhoef
    July 18 at 16:52

    Nah... not really. Some small tours are in the agenda. Some 100+ mile stuff.Really have no idea how much time that takes. Would be more than happy within proximity of little over 6 hours.

  • Christian Hent
    July 18 at 03:53

    @MV ...plan your next Grand Tour <3

  • Michiel Verhoef
    July 16 at 19:00

    Again in a one man league all alone. 800 km looking up, 400 km looking down.

  • Christian Hent
    June 19 at 03:52

    @GP ...Great, and if you reach as next the TOP 15 you can say you are a active cyclist :D

  • Gunjan Patel
    June 19 at 03:27

    Woho.. now in top 20.

  • Michiel Verhoef
    June 14 at 05:37

    @CH Yes. But because it still takes a lot of time, it requires to get up early and not having an appointment at night. We will see :-)

  • Christian Hent
    June 13 at 02:17

    @MV had enough training for that :-)