This is a challenge for all our Facebook friends. To enter just do the following:
1. Like our facebook page, you will find it at
2. Join this challenge

Thanks to your support we now have more than 100k likes on our Facebook page, which we are amazed by! So we would like to give away 100 one year membership to our new Athletes Lounge. At the Athletes Lounge you can compare yourself to your friends and the rest of the Endomondo community with our new Benchmark Statistics, you will get a Lounge member Badge and up to 15% discount on gear in our Store. Learn more about the Athletes Lounge at

We will draw lots among everyone who join this challenge and find the 100 lucky winners when the challenge has ended on December 31th.

Thanks and have fun!

The Endomondo Team

Goal:Most calories - All sports
Prize:100 one year memberships to the Athletes Lounge
Start:Dec 15, 2011 11:00 PM
End:Dec 31, 2011 11:00 PM
7 M
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  • (no name provided)
    January 15 at 17:23

    participating is the key, it seems.

  • (no name provided)
    January 10 at 21:51

    What if the final in 100 meter run in olympic games was won by a lottery... !!!
    F... this !!

  • (no name provided)
    January 10 at 21:31


  • (no name provided)
    January 10 at 16:18

    Dislike! >:-(

  • (no name provided)
    January 10 at 14:57

    Thx Endo! :D It's great being one of the lucky winners ;)

  • (no name provided)
    January 10 at 14:44

    Thanks Endomondo! It was my birthday yesterday so this is a fantastic present.

  • (no name provided)
    January 10 at 14:19

    Thank you all for the support on Facebook and for participating in this challenge. The 100 winners have now been found and will be contacted by email with more information.

    The winners are:
    sam low, Per Sandahl, got a, Jaco Strydom, Philippe Vagner, Michael N, Dennis Ek, Jarno Honkanen, David Coley, Bob Jansen, Marcin Komor, Birthe Pedersen, Magnus Kjelland-Olsen, Bern Chrispijn, Sebastian Andreß, Irene Bergfort, David McWilliams, Jannie Hallø, Lars Smith Iversen, Chuck Miller, Lars Østerby, Abraham Silvio Martinez Lurueña, Denis Lisul, Marc Conrad Molina, Jakob Lind Tolborg, Andre Nel, Aco Lazarov, Susanne Nielsen, Mette Ulberg, Wichai JingJoe, Alejo Aispuro, Don Sanders, Kim Vilborg, Joshua Tootell, William R, Marta Wolnik, Melissa Borden, Shirley Rosario, Dariusz Skowera, Luis DLP, Erwin Meijer, Erika Schneller, Kevin Daniels, Mikkel Søndergaard, Ronald Anthonissen, Siwek jurek-stolarz, Mike Rodnick, Christian Strande Mogensen, Carina Bech, Kim Have, Luigi Dekagi, samantha leight, Craig de Klerk, Peter Bahchevanov, malcolm smart, Chuck Swamabti, Nedzad Vegara, Robert Lindner, Jan Hansen Viese, Daniel Gomez Leal, Leandro Costa, Adam Miska, Sonja Theiler, MR X, Kaj Sparrewath Hansen, Dov Gazit, Sebastian Kaminski, Christian Morier, davide vicenzi, Ben Fitzpatrick, Lasse S. L. Buck, Harri Perämäki, Brent McCabe, Adriano Barattini, Dimi No, Mirjam Jonker, Borza Attila, Derek Young, Tina Thorndahl Pedersen, Endogenes Morphin, Andrei Contiu, Jonas Westerlund, Espen Rutle Johansson, Tina Øvre Thorøe, Kit støhkel, Renè Pedersen, Marga Gonzalez, Kristine Naalkjær, Søren Blomgren Wind-Hansen, Adam Brown, Flo Barndt, BRIAN W VANDERBERG, Olly Sail, Jonas Greve Jørgensen, Kenneth Almås, Rendy Eka Saputra, Jacek Placek, Mark Sommer, Donna Curtis Pahara, Melinda Mejia

    Congratulation to all the winners.

    The Endomondo Team

  • (no name provided)
    January 10 at 13:39

    Way hey, I won one of them...

  • (no name provided)
    December 29 at 10:16

    The Rotten Egg Award - January is open for entry, all levels lower to help us ease back into the routines following the excesses of the Holiday period.

  • Denis Lisul
    December 25 at 20:09

    Thanx low! Merry cristmas people!