presents the 2018 Big Wheel Challenge. This challenge is for bladers who began to love blading through grinds, gaps and grabs and have now added distance to their tricks.

- 2017 champ - Eric Cruz - 2548.50 miles
- 2016 champ - Ben Price - 3088.37 miles.
- 2015 champ - Casey Bagozzi - 2498.47 miles.

Invite your blading buddies to join the challenge.

If you are strictly a distance or speed skater you will be removed from the challenge.

Goal:Most miles - Roller skating  (GPS tracked workouts only)
Prize:This year prizes will be given to top 3 finalists.
Start:Jan 1, 2018 1:01 AM
End:Jan 1, 2019 12:59 AM
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  • Derek McClain
    July 02 at 07:03

    Jan, can we clear out some NON Aggressive Skaters Please?

  • (no name provided)
    May 10 at 16:20

    I added quad skates to my mix on this challenge. Got them all dialed in and miles are increasing. Just a little less efficient than my inline slalom skates. Should be able to keep up here tho.

  • (no name provided)
    April 01 at 18:12

    Weather getting warming in Maryland here I come

  • (no name provided)
    March 04 at 13:36

    I skate on Freestyle Slalom skates - Powerslide Hardcore EVO 2 (2015) for slalom and distance. My other skates are old school quad skates. I do distance on both/either. Do not own speed skates. Slalom skates are 80/76/76/80mm setup. Never skated "aggressive". I hope slalom qualifies. Not going to make the Top 3 here at any rate. Cheers!

  • Russell Day
    January 17 at 23:32

    My phone's GPS is broken lol

  • Jan Welch
    January 05 at 20:36

    NOTE: I am removing people who aren't following the rules. This group is for AGGRESSIVE SKATERS ONLY who are also doing distance. There is a seperate challenge for everyone else called Inline Skating Distance 2018

  • (no name provided)
    January 04 at 16:56

    Algum BR aqui?

  • (no name provided)
    January 03 at 00:51

    Hello! So I logged a workout but it's not syncing to the challenge. I need some help please.

  • (no name provided)
    January 02 at 19:57

    How many people currently in the top 5 know what a soul grind is you think? 😂

  • (no name provided)
    January 02 at 12:43

    Starting in a few minutes!