presents the Inline Skating Distance 2018 Challenge. This challenge is open to people from all countries, from all disciplines and background of inline skating.

Goal:Most miles - Roller skating  (GPS tracked workouts only)
Prize:Prizes to be awarded to top 3 finalists.
Start:Dec 31, 2017 7:00 PM
End:Dec 31, 2018 7:00 PM
19 M
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  • (no name provided)
    Sunday at 05:14

    Jan, I think top 3 finalists should be verified somehow regarding their trainings if their profile and training is not public.

  • (no name provided)
    May 22 at 12:38

    Did 76 km Yesterday yeah!

  • (no name provided)
    May 07 at 23:13

    Chicago marathon or Chicago in general?

  • (no name provided)
    April 24 at 16:55

    Anyone here skating in Chicago?

  • (no name provided)
    March 22 at 08:55

    Brasileira!!!! Alguém mais? Me add aí

  • (no name provided)
    March 14 at 01:41

    Tony, I'm a T-stopper, so I end up replacing wheels because the profile has gotten too V-shaped and it starts affecting technique. Which for me seems to work out to around roughly 1000 miles. But I know others who are using heel brakes who will put on 2500-3000 miles or so and finally ditch their wheels because what was a 100-mm wheel has worn down to 90mm or as you say they're getting hub damage.

  • (no name provided)
    March 13 at 22:51

    I have a question for y'all, and maybe it's a dumb question, but I'm curious; at what point do you guys decide to change your wheels? I typically have waited till I get some sort of damage in the hub. Anyone have a rule of thumb they use?

  • (no name provided)
    March 10 at 08:55

    it's changed to gps only

  • (no name provided)
    March 10 at 08:41

    Prosze ustawic filtr na rejestrowane tylko z GPS

  • (no name provided)
    February 27 at 20:20

    My personal goal here is 1000km best of luck for everyone.