Join the very first official European Cycling Challenge on Endomondo!

In this challenge, cities around Europe are competing in who cycles the most miles during May 2012. The challenge has been launched by the city of Bologna and is partly co-financed by the CIVITAS Mimosa project.

The city that logged the more miles on May 31st at Midnight CET, will win the 2012 European Cycling Challenge.

Before you start please fill-in the short survey on your mobility habits on your team webpage. It will take only 3 minutes.

To ensure fair play, we will check the workouts of the winner city. If we find any false workouts, we will draw lots again to find another winner. The winners will be announced on this page early June.

Get help at or at Thanks.
Time to free your endorphins!

Goal:Most miles - Cycling (Transport)
Prize:At local level, several prizes will be awarded to participating cyclists
Start:Apr 30, 2012 6:00 PM
End:May 31, 2012 6:00 PM
  • En bici x BCN (@enbicixbcn)
    July 02 at 04:44

    Us recordem que participants a l'#EUCycling han iniciat un nou desafiament: Més quilòmetres per Barcelona i rodalies BCN Afegiu-vos-hi!

  • En bici x BCN (@enbicixbcn)
    July 02 at 04:43

    @Bolognainbici, organitzadora de l'#EUCycling ens ha fet arribar l'enllaç a la malla de trànsit de Barcelona. Gaudiu-la!

  • Maddalena Roversi
    June 02 at 18:34

    great job tallinn!
    but we are the n. 2, it's great too :-)

  • Dora Ramazzotti
    June 01 at 05:54

    @Tallinn: all our congratulation to the city and the pacific army of its cyclist :)
    @ Barcelona: the direct challenge with you was an unexpected surprise...thank you.
    @Reading & Iasi: our congrats to you...we hope you enjoyed to be involved.
    @San Lazzaro & Saronikos: thanks for being with was a pleasure to have you.
    from Bologna Team...we will soon get in touch with official communication about awarding are all invited. THANKS AGAIN :)

  • Dora Ramazzotti
    May 25 at 10:53

    @all: three hours ago Marek from Tallinn (in project meeting in Bologna) and me were interviewed by Radio International Bologna...the transmission is obviously in Italian, but from minute 16 it will be (more or less) English spoken :) only till tomorrow lunch time!!.

  • Dora Ramazzotti
    May 22 at 08:18

    @Risto: you're right. I totally agree. I t seems my colleague asked already to Endomondo friends but it was impossible with ongoing campaign. I will double check :)

  • Risto Külaots
    May 22 at 07:03

    Hello fellow cyclists. I hope your trails are smooth and weatherman kind...
    @Dora and other moderators - unless having the "last 7 days" selection for leaderboard is somehow important for the challenge, I would suggest to remove it altogether. I don't see many other challenges having this option enabled and so far it seems to have been the main source of confusion for the participants.

  • Dora Ramazzotti
    May 22 at 02:51

    @Andrei (Iasi) not sure well understand the questions but:
    1-when you display the leaderboard you have a pop-up menu with "last seven days" or "EU cycling challenge" please click the last one to see all the kms from 1st May.
    2-workouts allowed are starting or ending or crossing the city. If you start in the city, go to a relative, stop over there and are back (instead of going by car) it is allowed. If more than 25 kms, please include a comment in the notes describing the nature of the trip. Hope it helps. Have a nice day from Bologna Team.

  • Dora Ramazzotti
    May 22 at 02:48

    Dear All, in the next days the Team Managers of Bologna and Tallinn will meet in Bologna for a MIMOSA project event. We are very happy to welcome here Marek, even more than usual, because this way he will not be able to register kms for Tallinn :) I am obvioulsy joking about the kms. A nice day to you all.

  • (no name provided)
    May 21 at 09:18

    @Dora. Good to know that you are fine :)