UPDATE: The winners have been announced, but you can still get your own Wahoo heart rate monitor in the Endomondo Store and get a bonus 50% off Endomondo Athletes Lounge.

Hurry! This deal only lasts through Sunday September 9th,

Wahoo Fitness challenges you to Beat the Heat!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Purchase a Wahoo Run/Gym Pack or a Wahoo Blue HR from the Endomondo Store and get 50% OFF an annual membership to the Endomondo Athletes Lounge. That’s just $19.50 to join the community, get 15% off all Endomondo gear, and benchmark yourself against your friends and family for a whole year!

Are you a calorie burning machine? Run, bike, or participate in any other calorie-crushing activity for a chance to win one of five Wahoo Fitness iPhone heart rate straps, which add real-time heart rate info and most accurate calorie burn data to your Endomondo iPhone app.

The Wahoo Run/Gym Pack ($99.99) includes the Wahoo Key and Wahoo Soft Heart Rate Strap that team up with the Endomondo App to amp up your workouts. Have an iPhone 4S? Check out the *new* Wahoo Blue HR heart rate strap for iPhone 4S ($79.99), which uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect directly to the iPhone 4S for the same heart rate data without the need for the Wahoo Key.

Five lucky winners will be selected based on a random weighted scoring system. The more calories you burn, the more entries you will get. Any winning player found to be cheating will be disqualified and a new winner will be drawn.

Learn more about Wahoo Fitness at:

Beat the Heat!

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Thanks - Wahoo & Endomondo

Goal:Most calories - All sports
Prize:5 Wahoo Heart Rate Straps for iPhone (Run/Gym Pack or Blue HR)
Start:Jul 31, 2012 6:01 PM
End:Aug 31, 2012 5:59 PM
3.63 M
316 M
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  • Christina Schröder
    September 06 at 07:19

    Yeehaa! I've won one of the monitors. That's a good motivation! Either I came only in at place 2787! Looking forward to the next challenges!

  • Endo Admin
    September 05 at 12:32

    Well done everyone. Together we burned over 311,000,000 calories!

    If you didn't win this time around, you can still get your own Wahoo heart rate monitor in the Endomondo Store and get a bonus 50% off Endomondo Athletes Lounge. Hurry! This deal only lasts through Sunday September 9th,

    And the winners for the Wahoo Beat the Heat Challenge are...

    - Carsten Balslev Sørensen, Denmark
    - Jaime Eguizabal Conejo, Spain
    - Christina, Germany
    - Carsten Bjørn, Denmark
    - Janine Garrell Perales, Spain

  • Manuel Utrilla Rivera
    September 05 at 07:48

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  • John Bird
    September 04 at 15:36

    I was 2166th first time I have actually placed in anything, The top person burned more cals than I have in a year ??

  • Tonya Hardin
    September 01 at 01:03

    I am proud of myself!! I worked hard and had a blast to challenge myself to the fullest! Thanks guys for the run,,lol the biking!

  • Lars B
    August 31 at 16:42

    Go on - do your Calorie Burn in September:
    Invite your friends and have fun ;-)

  • Tonya Hardin
    August 30 at 23:40

    I did 215 flights of stairs!! My fitbit and feet are exhausted!

  • Rajesh Shah
    August 30 at 10:32

    How about Joining 100 Miles = 161 KM in September challange
    lot of us has joined that

  • Tonya Hardin
    August 30 at 01:26

    I am so proud of everyone! I was challenged on Tuesday to do 50,000 steps. I wear a fitbit, I did 51,157!! I was sore today but maintain my 30,000 steps as usual. But I was pumped to go on a 13 mile bike ride with a buddy but she, canceled. I am bumbed. So I think I might go on my own. I know the rules of the road and mostin country,, I think , I know I can do it! Off to bed though, I have to get up way early then,, Good luck to all!

  • (no name provided)
    August 29 at 19:18

    Excellent work Brian & Yaniv! I love to read success stories such as yours!