Training for the 5km run at TRSAC (

Goal:Fastest 3.1 miles - Running
Start:Jul 29, 2012 1:03 PM
End:Oct 20, 2012 2:00 PM
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    October 20 at 07:47

    Will there be a separate challenge for the run itself? Just set it to today plus/minus a few hours and invite everybody; that way, you'll get a ranking list :-) (From those that logged, anyway.)

  • (no name provided)
    October 14 at 14:51

    Phew... the holiday in Spain is still sitting in the body :D If I'll do a 26 min run at TRSAC (with hangovers) I'm pretty satisfied :)

  • (no name provided)
    September 21 at 01:16

    Fixed issues with hijacking people now. Wish there was a way to make this private yet still have it open for demosceners to join :)

  • (no name provided)
    September 13 at 13:44


  • (no name provided)
    September 12 at 03:23

    Oh, and the hijacker from the main challenge is here as well :)

  • (no name provided)
    September 09 at 14:07

    Well... I was wrong :)

  • (no name provided)
    September 06 at 13:45

    Ok - I really don't think I'm gonna beat my own time for a while :)

  • (no name provided)
    September 03 at 16:56

    Based on how much he works out, I doubt he ever had time to visit a demoparty :-P I guess he just joins all challenges he can find.

  • (no name provided)
    September 03 at 16:12

    Ok, who the fuck is that Milos guy? :D It'd be awesome with the first ever Serbian TRSAC visitor, but I kind of doubt he's going :D

  • (no name provided)
    August 30 at 16:01

    I regained the third place. But in all fairness, I would like to point out that it carried a net altitude loss 100m or so (the total drop was larger, but there was some uphill, too, and a pause of ten seconds or so, I think). One could call that unfair if you want to.