This will be the 2nd Annual Activate Omaha Winter Bicycle Commuter Challenge. This challenge will track Omaha-area TRANSPORTATION TRIPS ONLY. If you replace a car trip with a bike ride, it counts... so, rides to work, school, errands, etc.

TO AND FROM work/school = 2 TRIPS.
TO AND FROM any destination taken by bike instead of car = 2 trip.
Any ROUND TRIP counts as 2 trips
Any 1-WAY TRIP counts as 1 trip

The goal is to capture as much data as we can about how many trips are taken via bike by the ever growing number of tried and true year round bicyclists in the Omaha metro area.

Why does this matter? We want to be able to provide an impactful answer to the frequent question of "Why should we invest in bicycle infrastructure when we have so much 'unrideable weather' in Omaha?" Pshaw. We know you're out there - let's get it counted!!

Goal:Most workouts - Cycling (Transport)
Prize:Bragging rights& unending admiration :)
Country:United States
Start:Nov 1, 2012 7:00 AM
End:Mar 31, 2013 1:00 AM
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  • Madison Haugland
    April 10 at 16:55

    Hey Gang! National Bike Challenge meetings are this Friday! Check it out:

    Friday, April 12 at 7:00am
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
    1919 Aksarben Drive (Just off the Keystone Trail)
    Bike parking available on the north side of the building.
    All are welcome!!


    Can't make the info meeting on Friday morning? No worries - you can still learn what you need to know by tuning into our FREE webinar! Click on this link to register:

  • Scott Ussery
    March 28 at 16:30

    Madison, Anything interesting heard at the Bike Summit? Captain's Meeting coming soon? Any motivation message for the last few days of the Winter Challenge?

  • Madison Haugland
    March 25 at 12:44

    Happy Monday, everyone! As of this moment (Monday 12:00pm), we have logged 6,964 cycling transportation trips!! Keep up the great work!! Are you ready for some warmer weather? We are!

  • Julie Harris
    March 18 at 13:42

    HI everyone! Madison and I will be tuning into the webinar today about the National Bike Challenge... we'll be in touch soon with more details for Omaha!!

  • Nate Perry
    March 16 at 15:50

    Scott that challenge is great! Thanks for the info. I just signed up!

  • Scott Ussery
    March 15 at 13:25

    Folks can sign up for the National Bike Challenge 2013 now and be a part of the Warm Up ride. As of this morning, Nebraska is the top state (over Wisconsin).

  • Dwayne Bolling
    March 14 at 09:29

    Glve and owner were reunited thanks to Robert's posting on March 1.

  • Phil Wandrey
    March 14 at 08:08

    Few comments here Seasonal Affective Disorder rearing it's ugly head? Some reprieve today and tomorrow!

  • Robert Yager
    March 01 at 22:39

    Any one loose an expensive winter riding glove coming through Seymour Smith park today? I'd like to reunite it with its owner.

  • Scott Ussery
    March 01 at 12:08

    Activate Omaha has sponsored the Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge since about 2008. Last year started using this tool and was part of the National Bike Challenge.