Omaha seems to have one of these, so why not Lincoln. Join in and see if we can get more winter commuting miles than Omaha. Only cycling, transport will count as we want to only allow commuting miles.

If there are enough people doing this, we may be able to get a party organized for the end of the event.

Please, only people riding in Lincoln Nebraska USA. I will remove you.

Goal:Most workouts - Cycling (transport)
Prize:Bragging rights
Country:United States
Start:Nov 1, 2012 5:00 AM
End:Apr 1, 2013 5:59 AM
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  • Craig Romary
    April 06 at 05:05

    question. because I have a stupid phone, I manually mapped my main route, saved it on my pc, and import it every time to my workouts... But that was 10/31/12. so I have to edit it by going back to that point on my calendar and change the date. I've tried to save it again to a more recent day, but it still is tied to 10/31/12. I assume I will have to map a 'new' route for a different day in order to have it save on a more recent day? any other ideas?

  • Blake Anderson
    April 04 at 00:17

    Now that the winter challenge is over, does anyone know how our results compare to Omaha's?

  • David E. Quade
    March 31 at 03:10

    Thanks Ben

  • Ben Fischer
    March 30 at 17:31

    David, I am assuming you are talking about the National Bike Challenge. If so, that is a "campaign" so it is in the left sidebar of the home page just above your performance results for the month.

  • David E. Quade
    March 29 at 03:45

    I thought I signed up for the 2013 Community Challenge but I'm not seeing it listed under my profile page as one my challenges. Anyone know where I can go to see this challenge?

  • Brian Hermes
    March 28 at 18:39

    There are four community categories this year. Lincoln is in the >200,000 group. Do not be mislead by some of the high community scores as these are small towns with some high mileage riders. Lincoln has a strong chance of ruling the >200,000 group

  • David E. Quade
    March 19 at 02:09

    I'm ready to wind down this challenge and move on to the summer challenge. I ran across a lot of commuters last year who weren't tracking. Need to get more signed up and logging so we can place #1 this year!

  • Mike Heyl
    March 18 at 14:06

    With the Winter Challenge winding down, it is time to consider registering for the 2nd Annual National Bike Challenge. Last year Lincoln was 3rd in the nation out of more than 700 communities and Nebraska ended up 3rd out fo the 50 states and DC. Here is the link:

  • Ben Fischer
    March 18 at 04:00

    Two weeks left! Who is ready to party?

  • Don Harms-Jones
    February 07 at 03:41

    I was out last Thursday on the 31st to run an errand and when I got home the temp thing on this computer said -3 degree below zero wind chill. I don't want to do that again.