Join European Cycling Challenge 2013 on Endomondo!

In this challenge, cities around Europe are competing in who cycles the most miles during May 2013.

The city that logged the more miles on May 31st at Midnight CET, will win the European Cycling Challenge 2013.

Before you start, please fill in the short survey on your mobility habits on your team webpage. This page can be found on ECC 2013, by clicking on your own city in the white menu.

To ensure fair play, we will check the workouts of the winner city. If we find any false workouts, we will draw lots again to find another winner. The winners will be announced on this page early June.

Get help at or at Thanks.
Time to free your endorphins!

Goal:Most miles - Cycling (Transport)
Prize:At local level, several prizes will be awarded to participating cyclists
Start:Apr 30, 2013 6:00 PM
End:May 31, 2013 5:59 PM
18 M
  • Teele Sikka
    May 29 at 02:22

    Which one is the correct challenge: this or
    For me, looks second one.

  • Bologna Città in bici
    February 26 at 03:07

    Is your City going to take part to the European Cycling Challenge 2014?
    Find it out here :)

  • Peter Denimal / Université de Lille
    June 11 at 16:34

    Well done Lille! The team picked up well after a slow start! If only, say ten others like me had kept up entering rides after May 10th or so, we would have won, but I was to busy... cycling! We do have the greatest number of riders! See you next year :)

  • Liz Brooker
    June 11 at 06:43

    Sorry that Lewisham did not attract as many participants as we had hoped,
    however it was good to see that Lewisham Cyclists were represented and that you took part Roger - maybe the wrong team though?

  • roger stocker
    June 10 at 10:01


    I cycled to Paris because I could! There is a new signed route called the Avenue Verte and knowing about this woudl help with my job in sustainabel transport. I guess I could add the 480kms that I cycled. I even have the gps tracks to prove it!

  • Maddalena Roversi
    June 03 at 10:22

    Bravi Riminesi, primi dei secondi!! :-)

  • Maddalena Roversi
    June 03 at 10:19

    Roger, if you cycled from London to Paris because of work, or a trip, or some similar reason, you should have inculded it to your mileage! You shouldn't if you were partecipating to a sport challenge or training

  • Maddalena Roversi
    June 03 at 10:18

    Good idea Roy :-D
    (next year i'll try to be the 1st of Bologna, because i work 80km far from my house ;-) )

  • roger stocker
    June 03 at 08:37

    Well done to Tallinn - I've cycled around there (and Tartu) and its much quieter than here in London. I cycled from London to Paris the other weekend and was tempted to include this in my mileage - thought it would be cheating so didn't. 5 days cycling and 2.5 hours train trip back. The sun has finally started to shine and its getting warmer, perhaps more people will get on their bikes and realise its a great way to get around. Enjoy the summer everyone.

  • Olivier Asselin
    June 03 at 03:15

    Congrats to all! One question: are the results really over? Since people might still put some workouts in (we don't all have smartphones...), is there a time limit for check in?