Run, bike, hike, skate, swim and more, any sport counts in our calorie challenge – so you have no excuse.

We will conduct a drawing among our users to find 5 winners and provide them with Endomondo sports gear. The more calories you have logged as of April 30th at Midnight CET, the better odds you'll have. You will get one ticket for every calorie logged.

You can see more Endomondo sports gear in our store at:

To ensure fair play, we will check the workouts of the winners. If we find any false workouts, we will draw lots again to find another winner. The winners will receive an email and be announced on this page early May.

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Time to free your endorphins!

Goal:Most calories - All sports
Prize:5 x Endomondo sports gear
Start:Mar 31, 2012 6:00 PM
End:Apr 30, 2012 6:00 PM
2.74 M
244 M
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  • Endo Admin
    May 09 at 09:54

    Thank you all for a great challenge. We have now found the lucky winners in this challenge.

    The winners are:

    - Karol Lubojemski, Poland
    - Robert Komensen, Indonesia
    - John Will Tenney, United States
    - Jens Winther Moberg, Denmark
    - Jon-Eirik Salminen Hansen, Denmark

    Congratulation to all winners, you will be contacted by mail. And thank you all for participating.

    Next month’s challenges have already started, so hurry up and join.

    Free your Endorphins!

  • Rick Hernandez
    May 08 at 15:27

    So, who won.

  • (no name provided)
    May 01 at 06:42

    quisiera mas informacion.porque entro en lista

  • Jurgen Perlitz
    April 30 at 09:25

    @Paul. I think this formula is just working fine, mathematically probably wrong but spices up the comments section and promises another month of hilarious burning activities.

  • Paul 폴 Graham
    April 30 at 08:17

    Just wondering about the step counter option. Wanted to test it and put in 1 step in 1 hour and that equalled 155kcals. 100 steps in 1 hour also equalled 155kcals and so did 1000 steps. That would explain why so many people are getting such high numbers now. We can now burn calories while we sit and stand between the steps we take. A change of formula is needed perhaps??

  • (no name provided)
    April 30 at 04:20

    yeah i know richard stephane, endomondo needs to upgrade it's servers before the whole system crashes!

  • (no name provided)
    April 29 at 12:07

    The Rotten Egg Award - May is ready, 3800 people last month.

  • Stéphane ROBERT
    April 28 at 17:37

    @Xavi Gabarró Navarro est allé courir. Il a enregistré 10.00 km en 59h:00m:00s

    Calories --> 59648 kcal

    Many examples like this Grrrrrr

  • Stéphane ROBERT
    April 28 at 17:34

    @Hugo Nielsen is a big champion !

    Sport Autres
    Départ 17 avr. 2012 20:54
    Distance 1524.56 km
    Durée 18h:45m:17s
    Vitesse moy 81.3 km/h
    Vitesse max 865.8 km/h
    Calories 22186 kcal
    Altitude -10 m / 687 m
    Elevation 6066 m ↑ / 6325 m ↓

    Why Endomondo dont correct this big mistake !

  • Rick Hernandez
    April 28 at 14:52

    finished my first 5k of the year. Slow and steady.