Time to get the heart rate up! All users are invited to participate in this official calorie challenge sponsored by Polar.

We will draw lots among participants to find the winners of 5 Polar WearLink®+ transmitters with Bluetooth®. These will let you monitor you heart rate on Android, BlackBerry and Symbian phones if you use Endomondo. The more calories you have burned July 31 at Midnight CET, the better your odds as you will get one ticket in the draw per calorie logged.

To ensure fair play, we will check the workouts of the winners. If we find any false workouts, we will draw lots again to find another winner. The winners will be announced on this page early August.

The Polar devices are also available in our webshop at http://store.endomondo.com.

Please note that we will not be able to follow discussions in this thread. Write us at support@endomondo.com if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks.

Time to free your endorphins!

Endomondo and Polar

Goal:Most calories - All sports
Prize:5 Polar WearLink®+ transmitters with Bluetooth®
Start:Jun 30, 2011 6:00 PM
End:Jul 31, 2011 6:00 PM
2.24 M
180 M
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  • Dario Soriano
    August 25 at 15:21

    Thanks you !!!
    The prize is here !!
    Thanks to Ture and endomondo for your attention !!

  • Endo Admin
    August 04 at 04:48

    Thank you all for a great challenge. We have now found the 5 lucky winners in this Polar Challenge.

    The winners are:
    - Dario Soriano, Spain
    - Kenneth Karlsson, Sweden
    - Andreas Schmidt Jensen, Denmark
    - Alex Hemming, Great Britain
    - Jakob Thusgaard, Netherlands

    Congratulation to all winners and thank you all for participating.
    Next month’s challenges have already started, so hurry up and join.

    Free your endorphins,

  • Dan D
    August 01 at 11:13

    I finished in the top 2%! Over 400 miles biked and I'm 5 lbs lighter.
    Thanks to Bacchetta bikes for making such a fast and comfortable machine.

  • (no name provided)
    August 01 at 08:58

    It appears that when you build a challenge you can only set the date, and not the time, it takes the default time of 12am within the time zone the challenge admin has in their own settings. As a consequence my 12am in my time zone wont be your 12am if your in a different time zone. My Challenges go from 1st to the 1st with solves alot of the issues of people getting cut off on the last day when they want that final push as the end day is more important to everyone than the first day, and also each runs perfectly into each other.

    Come join my Rotten Egg Challenge, its had over 1000 people in it on some months, and there is lots of awards in calorie levels, i,e something for everyone other than just a number.

    ! The Rotten Egg Award - August

    Plus the new Team challenge based on the month your were born, Last month was VERY close fight

    Team Challenge: ! Odds v Evens Rotten egg Challenge August

    PLUS - am the admin, and cheaters get booted out :)

  • Mike 'GeekonaBike' Kunnecke
    July 31 at 18:49

    Most challenges end at midnight Central European Time, IE 3pm here in Mountain Standard Time Zone.
    PS They also Start the new ones then, but that seems to let some older workout slip in???

  • Míša Polan
    July 31 at 16:04

    I have the same problem, my today's workout is not counted into the statistics. The whole Endomondo is somehow "slow" today, with a lot of errors.

  • Gary Wayne Barnofsky
    July 31 at 15:49

    Same here guys. It updated on my monthly stats but not here.

  • Mathieu Dionne
    July 31 at 14:52

    Yep, same problem for me Dennis

  • Dennis Bang Pedersen
    July 31 at 14:33

    Why doesn´t the workouts for today count? I´ve been biking and walking but they didn´t come in to any of the challenges.. Other with that problem?

  • (no name provided)
    July 31 at 12:58

    129000 calories that's pretty crazy :) I only burned 7782. Congratulations to the winner.