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We salute the 73,646 runners who competed in the Powerade Road to the 2014 FIFA World Cup ™Challenge. After careful review, we offer congratulations to our winner, Gary T., who will be going to Brazil to experience a World Cup match live. To all our participants, you definitely showed us that you can #powerthrough. Keep up the good work and continue to follow @powerade for exclusive 2014 FIFA World Cup ™ content.

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It only takes one foot to score a goal. @nicolaicalabria #powerthrough

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  • +Guilherme Moreira April 26 at 20:00

    Before you complain about life, remember this video.

  • Xavi Maldo April 27 at 15:03

    Glups!...amazing, a real lesson.

  • José August 28 at 00:37

    Todo es alcanzable pese a las limitaciones. Cree en ti!!!

  • Edu Rin November 02 at 15:30

    Sin palabras...


Go behind the scenes with @AndresIniesta
for an exclusive look at the making of the
run-up scene for Powerade’s FIFA World CupTM

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The game that matters the most is the one you’re playing. Watch the premiere of the Powerade FIFA World Cup™ commercial featuring @andrésiniesta8 #powerthrough

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“The beauty of it is that we’re all different. Each of us has our strengths and our weaknesses to improve.” @AndresIniesta on the power of every player. http://bit.ly/1gVtt6q #powerthrough

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@AndresIniesta and Karlota Planas
know that progress comes from pushing
yourself. #powerthrough @Karlota_PR

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The Endurance Challenge has finished and we have the winners!

The winners are:


Ferdinand G - Germany
Marek Zadworny - Poland
Marcin Zajac - Poland
Phongchai Rattanodom - Thailand


Alice Hoyt - US
Kimberly M - US
Magda Cimnochowska - Poland
Martey Gadomska - Poland

Congratulations! You will be receiving your Powerade prizes soon.#powerthrough

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For Karlota Planas, the game of football helped her #powerthrough life’s challenges to become a member of her country’s national team. Watch the preview to her story. There’s power in every game.

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From dusty backyards to groomed pitches, over 162,000 athletes in 168 countries shared the same goal: to be faster than yesterday. Well done Powerade Speed Challenge Participants. Like Powerade at http://www.endomondo.com/powerade to get inspiring stories of triumph over adversity. #powerthrough

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The Powerade Endurance Challenge will push you to increase your strength and stamina. Join Habou and athletes from around the world. Go to http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/14117479 to sign up! #powerthrough

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Over 160,000 of you participated in our January Speed Challenge and we've got the the winners. Well done, and be sure to join our February Endurance Challenge for another chance to win.

Winners: Male
1: Kasper Laumann Hartlev
2: Wojciech Jarosz
3: Jonathan Sebastian Sasia Froz
4: Jacek Cieluszecki

Winners: Female
1: Zenia Hjelskov Mogensen
2: Tracy Høeg
3: Susana Marchal
4: Karina Sørensen

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Family. Fans. Teammates. History. What drives you? There's Power in Determination. @andresiniesta8 #powerthrough

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"How you play is how you train." Training tips from @andresiniesta #powerthrough

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Every challenge presents a choice. Stay where you are or move forward. Test yourself with the Speed Challenge. Get ready for Brazil. http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/13574663 #powerthrough

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Powerade is chosen by FIFA to hydrate the players of 2014 FIFA World Cup. Follow Powerade on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for great tips from 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion Andrés Iniesta and inspiring stories of footballers around the world. #powerthrough

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Hard work has its rewards. Start joining the Powerade Challenges in January 2014 to win great prizes and a chance to experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup LIVE in Brazil. #powerthrough

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The only way to improve is to keep learning. Trying. Practicing. Pushing. Follow @Powerade for training tips and videos from Andrés Iniesta on his way to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. #powerthrough

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Powerade. The Official Sports Drink chosen by FIFA to hydrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup players. #powerthrough

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