Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service

Country: Germany
Birthday: May 25, 1950
Sex: Male
Weight: 176.37 pounds
Height: 5 ft 12 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 2034
Total duration: 10m:15d:20h
Total distance: 116163.78 mi
  • Trips around the world: 4.665
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.486
Average speed: 15.13 mph
Average pace: 3m:58s
Calories burned: 8076170 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 14955

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  • Hans Heinermann Friday at 02:48

    Mannomann! Aus dem Bett gefallen und direkt eine anständige Runde abgeliefert! ;-)

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Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 31.65 mi in 2h:31m:22s.

3. Ausfahrt mit meiner Frau (MTB)

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  • Alex B April 19 at 11:28

    Nice bike ride! Have lovely evening

  • BRONIUS Levickas April 20 at 06:05

    Thanks Ferdinand for your comment, I fully understand everything. I did not I could, on your angry, I can only admire you. I am happy for both of you, that you can be together longer. And pushed me for the same idea. And I need to buy my wife a bike, more fresh air will be:-). Days quickly running out, mid-term and year. I plan to one, and comes out as the river current and floated downstream.
    In June, we are going with friends to come to your country, we will go to watch ACDC concert. Need to, at least once, to see vividly:-)
    This week comes warmer weather, but it rained all last week, except the weekend.
    Good beginning of the week, and many km run in conjunction with Gitta.

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