Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service

Country: Germany
Birthday: May 25, 1950
Sex: Male
Weight: 178.57 pounds
Height: 5 ft 12 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 1967
Total duration: 10m:2d:11h
Total distance: 111186.44 mi
  • Trips around the world: 4.465
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.465
Average speed: 15.12 mph
Average pace: 3m:58s
Calories burned: 7696050 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 14251

My Ongoing Challenges

  • Rack Up the Calories

    Most calories,
    All sports
    • 1 Rafiul
      81021 kcal
    • 14 Ferdinand
      10403 kcal
  • Winter Warriors

    Most calories,
    Cycling (sport), Cycling (transport), Mountain biking,...
    • 1 Ferdinand
      352544 kcal

Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 78.66 mi in 5h:34m:47s.

kalter Wind, und eisige Straßen in den Waldpassagen. Eisregen in der Nacht.

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  • Bartek Es February 26 at 08:55

    Good morning, Mr. Ferdinand ... I see that there is still winter, spring here again until +6, very fun to ride. Best regards and have a nice day.

Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 62.61 mi in 3h:56m:22s.

Nie mehr Campagnolo!! vor 2 Wochen Riss in einer Campagnolo"Vento" Felge...und jetzt ein Segment aus der Nabe gerissen.
He listened to "Do It Again" by Melissa Etheridge.

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Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 65.27 mi in 4h:04m:49s.

mit Strava aufgezeichnet

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  • BRONIUS Levickas February 23 at 04:49

    Hello Ferdinand, Thanks for the many comments.You also have driven many, I admire you. We had a nice and warm weekend, then I tried to use a planned days. Yes, on arrival, the beer was like cake:-)). I put a little drink while riding a bicycle. At home, I received another drink and champagne, was son in law's birthday. Friday was grandson a very big surprised that grandfather with bike rides. Who knows, maybe I grew up also will go on a bike ...
    On Saturday, even I got an earful from his wife, why on the yard, do not traveled, because the grandson stood on the window sill, and waved grandfathe r:-)
    Good starts this week !!!

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  • Bartek Es February 20 at 07:56

    Very cool route Mr. Ferdinand. Today the sun but a little windy. However, it is very nice. Best regards and have a nice day;-)

  • Suresh Narasimhan February 20 at 11:04

    hi fredi you have again completed ur century km for today. Congrats :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

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  • Bill Sandford February 19 at 11:15


  • JACKSON Moraes February 19 at 11:24


  • Juergen juergsche@gmail.com February 19 at 13:33

    Ungewöhnliche Distanz und Bewegungsart... Wäre schön wenn du dann ab März deine Erfahrung mit dem Edge 1000 mitteilen würdest, ich benutze aktuell den Garmin 64s und komme damit gut zurecht.

  • Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service February 20 at 13:51

    War ein Spaziergang mit meiner Frau. ;-))

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  • Suresh Narasimhan February 19 at 09:29

    fredi once again a superb workout. I wonder where did u get so much stamina. Since how long u have been cycling? How do you take care of your knees? Please through some light. :-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • Merje Petermann February 19 at 10:06

    Well done :-))

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  • Suresh Narasimhan February 18 at 13:10

    fredi you are simply superb :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • Juergen juergsche@gmail.com February 18 at 14:36

    Wahnsinn, du bist ein super Sportler!

  • Bill Sandford February 18 at 15:07

    Whoa! That's some very serious km's! :-)

  • BRONIUS Levickas February 19 at 02:20

    Hello Ferdinand, Thanks for the comment. Sometimes To me come in that do not want to connect Endomondo program. Already the same thing, and I think the need to purchase a Garmin. Only during the day, no one will see that you are driving. Only on arrival can upload Trek:-(. I got used to always work, to see how you are driving, the clock can be adjusted according to you:-)). We Shall Wait feedback on the new Garmin Edge 1000. We are gradually receding snow and winter, more like in the spring. Unto you, and more real winter.
    Have a good and safe road today, as well as many kilometers.

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  • Juan Puche Aguilera February 17 at 06:43

    Go go go. Incredible, you are "The Iron Man"!!!!

  • Suresh Narasimhan February 17 at 08:12

    Fredi awesome workout :-):-):-):-):-)

  • Bartek Es February 17 at 11:16

    Hello Mr. Ferdinand. Here again, nice weather so I went to a new location. It was very nice. Winter probably already forgotten about me. ;-)
    Thank you for your comment and I'll see you on Wednesday;-)

  • Suresh Narasimhan February 18 at 13:11

    fredi you have great stamina :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

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  • BRONIUS Levickas February 16 at 04:44

    Thanks Ferdinand for a lovely greeting and comment, I am glad for Tautvydas became premium, and your kindness. With us, favorable weather driving. Only this morning was -10C, but the temperature quickly grows into a plus and at noon, will try to go again. Becomes merrier when there are more sunny. Speed and the end of the winter, and I wish you more favorable weather. Wife, sends you a big thank for you greetings and wishes you a good day

  • Bartek Es February 16 at 09:49

    Sehr lange Tour!

  • Wieslaw Robert Kruc February 16 at 17:29

    Woooow ... Sehr laaaaaaange Tour! Gruß aus Polen.

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