Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service

Country: Germany
Birthday: May 25, 1950
Sex: Male
Weight: 178.57 pounds
Height: 5 ft 12 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 1996
Total duration: 10m:9d:12h
Total distance: 113782.78 mi
  • Trips around the world: 4.569
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.476
Average speed: 15.12 mph
Average pace: 3m:58s
Calories burned: 7879730 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 14592

My Ongoing Challenges

  • Rack Up the Calories

    Most calories,
    All sports
    • 1 Dano
      174541 kcal
    • 2 Ferdinand
      173855 kcal
  • Most km Cycling in March

    Most miles,
    Cycling (sport), Cycling (transport), Indoor cycling,...
    • 1 Ferdinand
      2548.62 mi
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  • Paula Janowska 13 hours ago


  • Nick Wilson 12 hours ago

    Max speed 75.7? Hmmmm I've been following your amazing progress with interest but this just isn't possible!

  • Jie Yin 11 hours ago


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  • Mark Anthony Rasmussen Yesterday at 08:14


  • BRONIUS Levickas 17 hours ago

    Hi Ferdinand, and ended with us good weather. Saturday and Sunday, it rained all day today as well as sleet and rain. And high winds, such as among you. Sunday, was visiting dipped at the end of the evening I was with friends in a bath. Turned the clock one hour ahead, now has become a day longer. Weather returns to normal, you need to try to overcome 200 km. Still after the injury was not havin 'such a distance. Attracted to try:-)
    Good for you the beginning of the week and although the weather is not good, I wish to hit the most favorable time.

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  • BRONIUS Levickas March 26 at 07:10

    Thanks Ferdinand to us now beautiful day, but the weekend already announces the rain. It is very unfortunate when a tire puncture, spend a lot of time, and even if the rain and darkness .... br br. Today you heavily overcast with clouds, only tomorrow from noon situation will improve. Believe on the weekend for better weather and good success on the road. Best wishes for your family

Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 69.81 mi in 4h:40m:01s.

Bei Km 73 Glas auf der Straße. Defekt Vorderrad und Hinterrad.

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Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 71.67 mi in 4h:38m:59s.

Endo Autopause hat nicht funktioniert. Importiert von Strava. Tatsächliche Zeit 4:38h

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  • Bill Sandford March 23 at 08:59

    Nice ride Ferdinand!!! I hope to be up to 60 miles in the next few weeks. We've all run into glitches with technologies, which is why we have our backups. For me my Garmin is my primary, Endo my secondary and if all else fails I always have my Fitbit.

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  • Hans Heinermann March 21 at 14:16

    Na das ist doch mal eine erfolgreiche Woche! Prima!

  • Jörg Ha March 22 at 05:53

    Hi Ferdi,
    Danke für Deinen Kommentar. Aber ich war doch gar nicht schnell... Bin ohne Frühstück los und hab unterwegs auch nix gegessen, das geht nur wenn man Piano macht.

    Ach ja, woher weißt Du dass ich mir ne Zeitfahrmaschine aufgebaut hab? Bin Mittwoch fertig geworden 😉 war aber mit dem Straßenrad unterwegs...
    Grüße, Jörg

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  • julio March 18 at 17:56

    You are my example you are amazing

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  • Roland Traub March 15 at 07:53

    Nein, eingefangen habe ich mir nichts. Aber der Frühling kommt und es war eine intensive Woche im Garten angesagt, die noch nach Verlängerung schreit. Es ist auch wieder Johanna auf Besuch und sie benötigt halt auch ihre Zeit, besser sie schreit lautstark danach. Bis Bald. Roland

  • Paula Janowska March 15 at 09:29

    Good distance, Ferdinand! :) Greetings!

  • Bartek Es March 15 at 10:20

    Good morning, Mr. Ferdinand. Very nice distance but as I see today the weather is not ideal. Today, a little windy but warm 9C :) Lots of broken glass was on the bike path, you could not get around but I think it will not be a problem with the tires tomorrow;-) I wish you a nice Sunday;-)

  • Bill Sandford March 16 at 10:19


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  • Suresh Narasimhan March 14 at 11:40

    ho Fredi superb cycling.congrats again. real master :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • BRONIUS Levickas March 14 at 17:51

    Hello Ferdinand, thanks for the comment. We have spring weather and cycling are already now, be nice. Lately, use air for viewing this site. Very detailed description of the air every hour. Maybe sometimes you will benefit from the site here: http://www.yr.no/place/Germany/Bavaria/Germering/hour_by_hour_detailed.html
    Strong week was many kilometers you have missed, I admire your good health and strong will power. Twice a week, after 200 km, respect. I'm just thinking climb 200th
    Dropbox I already have long ago adopted the phone. Beautiful Sunday with family and wish soon appear in your land spring.

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  • Hans Heinermann March 13 at 10:40

    Mal wieder eine tolle Tour! Wunderbar!

  • Raimo Treiel March 13 at 13:55

    Wow, I know people half your age who couldn't ride a bike as fast as u! Nice job! :)

  • Marco Boni March 13 at 16:21

    Great ride Ferdi! Respect!!!

  • Bill Sandford March 16 at 10:19


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