Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service

Country: Germany
Birthday: May 25, 1950
Sex: Male
Weight: 180.78 pounds
Height: 5 ft 12 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling (Sport)
Total workouts: 2167
Total duration: 10m:30d:15h
Total distance: 121048.47 mi
  • Trips around the world: 4.861
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.507
Average speed: 15.12 mph
Average pace: 3m:58s
Calories burned: 8436640 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 15623

My Ongoing Challenges

  • 2015 = 2015km

    Most miles,
    Running, Cycling (Sport), Cycling (Transport),...
    • 1 Kazimierz
      15331.39 mi
    • 3 Ferdinand
      14237.56 mi

    Most active minutes,
    All sports
    • 1 iPhone Endomondo Users
    • 66 Braunschweig in Bewegung :)
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  • Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service Yesterday at 13:05

    Danke Roland, Deine Wünsche in Ehren...aber Regen von Beginn an. Ich fuhr mir dem Regenrad. Erst am Mittag lockerten die Wolken auf..und die Sonne kam durch. Man sollte etwas erwarten können....!

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  • BRONIUS Levickas Saturday at 08:11

    Hi dear friend, great, that Gitta goes along with you. You get along very well, I am happy for both of you. In the mountains really very beautiful, I myself experienced this year during the holidays. This year I was not very strong, with a canoe paddle. More had to sit, even after the fall of the hard-moving body. Every year, the last weekend of July going in the canoe. I did not take away the pleasure of wife, it was not bad though, and sit :-)
    Enjoy the weekend, safe driving and a lot of kilometers in the last month of summer

Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 116.21 mi in 7h:46m:20s.

erneut Speichenbruch, diesmal am Hinterrad bei der Abfahrt vom Peißenberg. Schleichfahrt möglichst ohne Steigungen zurück. Radwechsel nach 138 Km.

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  • Petri Myller July 30 at 11:29

    Ferdi, you are SUPER!

  • Josef Runt July 30 at 12:06

    ... wieder Ferdi-Strecke :-))

  • Jose primitivo Vivas Rosales July 30 at 14:06

    FERDINAND @MIGO ENDOMONDO WOU de PRÁCTICA SUPER EXCELENTE, DIOS le Siga dando esa Fortaleza, admirable sus RECORRIDOS mis congratulaciones, S@LUDOS CORDIALES

  • Simon Sajmon July 30 at 14:11

    Super Ferdinand !

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  • Alex B July 25 at 12:10

    incredible bike ride

  • Simon Sajmon July 25 at 14:00

    excelent ride Ferdinand !))

Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service was out cycling. He tracked 69.09 mi in 4h:04m:59s.

importiert von Strava. Endo hat verspätet aufgezeichnet (siehe Originalaufzeichnung mit Endo Part2)

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  • Matze Müller July 24 at 08:44

    meine Hochachtung ich bin jeden Tag verblüfft was du für Strecke runterradelst .... Daumen hoch

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  • BRONIUS Levickas July 24 at 06:59

    Ferdinand Hello, Thanks for the comment. I see, and you off guard a variety of work and commitment. Yes, in the first place, health. I wish Gitte quickly strengthened, and continue to enjoy the time spent with you.
    I also spent a quick vacation, had not noticed, like summer in the middle. A lot of of excitement from a trip to Norway and Berlin, where I was ACDC concert. For a long time After leaving nowhere, leave it like :-). We were, I took a bicycle with a friend, it still drove the Norwegian roads.
    Now, a little postipiai collapsing, Riding the event of failure, to break up the thank God without breaking nobody, not even the bicycle remained healthy, but sometimes the pain is blocked breathing.
    Good and safe road you.

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  • Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service July 22 at 13:45

    ;-)) etwa 2 Stunden später gab es ein Gewitter...und es hatte 22°C weniger;-))

  • Roman Cihovsky July 22 at 13:57

    It was very warm weather :- )

  • Simon Sajmon July 22 at 16:34

    also very warm in slovakia today :)

  • Dirk O July 22 at 17:05

    lol, wow, nice temps. Ich hoffe du hattest genug fluessigkeit dabei

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  • Jens Rossberg July 21 at 13:21

    Sag mal, wachsen dir schon Schwimmhäute?

  • Ferdinand G Sebis Sport-Service July 22 at 13:48

    Nein noch nicht. Normalerweise muss man mich ins Wasser prügeln....aber bei dieser Affenhitze!!!. Gitta jedenfalls freute sich...ihr tat es gut (nach er langwierigen Genesung.

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