Shawna Dane

Country: United States
Postal Code: 27806
Birthday: Apr 12, 1973
Sex: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 897
Total duration: 1m:26d:16h
Total distance: 18054.29 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.725
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.076
Average speed: 13.04 mph
Average pace: 4m:36s
Calories burned: 1333680 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 2469

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Shawna Dane was out mountain biking. She tracked 6.06 mi in 43m:53s.

Family ride with our Zoey

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Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 32.07 mi in 1h:52m:57s.

My track got cut off so this is edited from my garmin ...

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  • John Lewis July 01 at 14:14

    I was about to pep you when it all went dead...

  • Shawna Dane July 01 at 14:17

    Thanks John ... I guess I should have went one more mile ... :)

  • Bill Barnard July 01 at 19:33

    Still, that is a great ride, Shawna. Well done, mam.

  • richard graves July 01 at 21:07

    good ride Shawna

Shawna Dane was out walking. She tracked 1.01 mi in 23m:48s.

Walk to moms

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Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 101.48 mi in 7h:48m:15s.

Climbing today! I wasn't trying to go fast; just climb and shift gears... I can't use my left hand well so dropping into my bottom ring then back up is very hard for me... I did it all day, I'm so happy about that! Dropped at the bottom of each climb then back up at the top... Such a big deal for me!

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  • richard graves June 29 at 20:02

    yes that is a fantastic effort.

  • John Lewis June 29 at 22:50

    brilliant riding Shawna!!!

  • Paul Burnham June 30 at 06:40

    Another great century ride for you Shawna, very impressive!!

  • Marcus Wiedemann July 01 at 11:27

    Fantastic long ride, Shawna. Seems you're well prepared for your 24h event.

Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 10.55 mi in 45m:49s.

Endo didn't track .. So this is my garmin numbers... It was just a easy short ride

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Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 31.56 mi in 1h:51m:47s.

1:45 minutes training ride ... 3x15 hard intervals... I pushed the last one a little longer! Another hit day but good ride! Yes I went a bit over 1:45 minutes...

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Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 38.26 mi in 2h:26m:15s.

Another hot day ... Going to top out around 100 degrees like yesterday! I got my training ride in early!

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  • Paul Burnham June 15 at 10:07

    Very impressive ride after your century ride yesterday and the hot temps you are having there. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day....:))

Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 101.24 mi in 6h:15m:06s.

Extremely hot day, I had to take a couple extra stops for sunscreen, water and shade to cool down. I'm happy with the ride! Ready for a cool bath!

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  • John Blundy June 14 at 23:32

    Wow another super long ride Shawna :-)

  • Marcus Wiedemann June 15 at 01:53

    Awesome long ride, Shawna! ...and still enough energy to increase the pace for the last 20km. Looks like you're really in a good shape :)

  • BRONIUS Levickas June 15 at 03:52

    Bravo Shawna, awesome ride :-)

  • John Lewis June 15 at 05:14

    Brilliant riding, Shawna!

Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 43.21 mi in 2h:46m:01s.

Training 2:45 minutes... 3x35 interval. I really wasn't feeling the ride today couldn't hit my rhythm! I finished at least

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