Shawna Dane

Country: United States
Postal Code: 27806
Birthday: Apr 12, 1973
Sex: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 809
Total duration: 1m:20d:15h
Total distance: 16235.41 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.652
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.068
Average speed: 13.09 mph
Average pace: 4m:35s
Calories burned: 1180570 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 2186

My Ongoing Challenges

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  • Marcus Wiedemann Yesterday at 14:57

    Well done, Shawna :)

  • Shawna Dane Yesterday at 15:35

    Thank you Marcus... I hope you and yours are well

  • Jeff Giles 2 hours ago

    How's the girl from Carolina doing, I hope your fine. You keep smiling I've all ways said it look good on you.

Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 17.70 mi in 1h:02m:20s.

I think I did well for not having been on my bike for over a month....

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  • René Hendrikx Yesterday at 02:20

    Fantastic ride Shawna! And I'm very happy for you! Hope we see more of your rides soon! ;))

  • John Mitchelmore Yesterday at 09:00

    Hey, soon be wizzing along again......

  • BRONIUS Levickas Yesterday at 10:31

    Nice to see again on the bike Shawna :-)

  • Shawna Dane 2 hours ago

    Thank you all for being so supportive!

Shawna Dane was out cycling. She tracked 3.15 mi in 16m:44s.

A small warm up

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Shawna Dane was out walking. She tracked 2.56 mi in 51m:26s.

Zoey's walk... I'm hoping to get a short ride in this afternoon! I really can't wait!

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Shawna Dane was out walking. She tracked 2.01 mi in 50m:36s.

Easy neighborhood walk with my Zoey my baby... My smile!

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  • René Hendrikx February 22 at 12:33

    Nice one Shawna! ;))

  • Marcus Wiedemann February 22 at 14:01

    Good dog walk, Shawna. Hope you had a nice weekend so far :)

  • Bill Barnard February 22 at 19:02

    Good to see you and Zoey getting you walks in, rest well this evening, and have a good week.

  • Shawna Dane Sunday at 17:43

    Thanks guys

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