Ray D Hagan

Country: United States
Birthday: Dec 30, 1943
Sex: Male
Weight: 165 pounds
Height: 5 ft 11 inches
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Total workouts: 1139
Total duration: 1m:3d:09h
Total distance: 4483.63 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.18
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.019
Average speed: 5.6 mph
Average pace: 10m:43s
Calories burned: 637434 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 1180

My Ongoing Challenges

  • You VS the Year

    Most miles,
    • 1 Henrik
      3408.18 mi
    • 38789 Ray
      228.06 mi
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  • Pat Hagan Friday at 07:37

    Back to back runs? Two good ones.

  • Ray D Hagan Friday at 09:21

    Back to back to back actually.

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  • Ray D Hagan May 25 at 07:30

    Endo decided to update in my run...ran dn hour....

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  • Ray D Hagan May 20 at 05:50

    My left hip did not want to run; had to whip it in shape.

Ray D Hagan was out cycling. He tracked 15.26 mi in 1h:36m:43s.

New personal best for 20 km - 1h:13m:36s .

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  • Ray D Hagan May 15 at 18:01

    The River walk bike and walking (etc) trail is a real treasure for exercise and nature enthusiasts. The mulberries are plentiful all along the trail, and ripening fast!

  • Pat Hagan May 16 at 07:28

    Great ride! I bet it was chilly on the bike. Mulberries are everywhere along the course.

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Ray D Hagan

I cut three yards (one was mine) and made 110 bucks, walked 14,000 steps=6.25 miles

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  • Ray D Hagan May 04 at 05:43

    With Bianca, Jenny and Tracey and various canines.

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  • Ray D Hagan April 25 at 05:44

    Took two miles for my endorphins to kick in today; lovely morning to run though.

  • Tracey Hagan Meaders April 25 at 05:51

    Mine too! Yes it was a pretty morning!

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