Pablo Soler Belles

Country: Spain
Postal Code: 12100
Birthday: Dec 28, 1962
Sex: Male
Weight: 180.78 pounds
Height: 5 ft 9 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling (Sport)
Total workouts: 1221
Total duration: 3m:1d:05h
Total distance: 24559.24 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.986
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.103
Average speed: 10.98 mph
Average pace: 5m:28s
Calories burned: 1717330 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 3180

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Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 33.59 mi in 2h:01m:47s.

Bajada de las temperaturas por la tarde, fantástico. Fall of temperatures in the evening, fantastic.

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Pablo Soler Belles was out swimming. He tracked 1.86 mi in 1h:05m:00s.

1000croll+2x200+2x50+500backstroke+1000croll/pull. Primer día de jornada completa después de dos meses de terminar a las 14h, no hay dolor. Fist day working all the day after two months ending at 2 p.m.. no pain.

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Pablo Soler Belles was out walking. He tracked 1.51 mi in 1h:00m:00s.

Caminata para ver pasar La Vuelta, impresionante. Walking to watch La Vuelta, amazing.

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  • pedro chica tellez Tuesday at 08:49

    espectacular ver como devoran kilometros esta gente!!!!

  • Pablo Soler Belles Tuesday at 15:06

    La verdad es que es alucinante, subieron el desierto hasta el monasterio en 15:00 clavados y eso que no parecía que iban tan rápido, ya no te quiero contar como iban por delante del golf hasta Benicassim

  • Tri-Helle . Yesterday at 13:19

    Oh so special . Must be like a fast car when they pass by. Super pics :)

  • Pablo Soler Belles Yesterday at 15:06

    Yes Helle, in the top of the ascent they passed over 25 km/h but my friends which were in the road near the beach told me that they was surprised because the wind the bunch did (they rode over 60 km/h at that momment

Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 34.48 mi in 2h:10m:00s.

He cogido vacaciones para ver el ambiente de la etapa de la vuelta ciclista a España que pasa hoy por nuestro lugar habitual de entrenamiento. Visita a la meta y al paso por el puerto del Desierto de Las Palmas, Ahora a comer y a irme con mis hijos para animarlos. I have taken holidays to watch the atmosphere of the Vuelta Ciclista a España that today will cross our usual training place. I visited the finish line and the pass of the Desierto de Las Palmas. Now we are goin to eat and I'll go to the Desert with my sons to cheer up the cyclist.

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  • Lori A. Sorenson Tuesday at 23:52

    Age, Pablo, they are mere youngsters compared to all the miles you have put under your saddle...someday they will lament the same truth ; ) Now we enjoy the miles, for they will give us many more years of riding enjoyment ; )

  • Tri-Helle . Yesterday at 13:22

    You are so lucky to have this so close to you. Special days for sure. Love that pic :)

  • Pablo Soler Belles Yesterday at 15:07

    Yes Lori, the only thing you can't stop is the time

  • Pablo Soler Belles Yesterday at 15:08

    Helle, it's amazing, I grabed the stage at the TV and I watched it when I arrived at home. I'm impressed

Pablo Soler Belles was out swimming. He tracked 2.49 mi in 1h:20m:00s.

1000croll+500paddles+500backstroke+1000flippers+1000croll/pull. Después de dormir 8 horas (increible) dar un paseo con Max, tomar café con mi padre y cocinar un mousse de chocolate para mi sobrina Alba (ayer fue su cumpleaños), he hecho mi típico entrene dominguero mejor de lo esperado. Luego otro paseo con Max por el pinar y paellita en casa de los papis. After sleep 8 hours (incredible) went for a walk with Max, take a coffe with my dad and cook a mousse of chocolate for my nephew Alba (yesterday was her birhtday), I did a typical Sunday training, feel better than expected. Later paella at my parents home

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Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 84.65 mi in 5h:14m:49s.

Después de muchas semanas he vuelto a salir con el grupo, mis piernas han notado el cambio de ritmo y estoy realmente cansado. No he aguantado el ritmo por encima de rampas del 6%. Etapa muy bonita subiendo hasta el puerto del Remolcador y luego por Cedraman-Castillo y bajada por Ludiente, por allí arriba la temperatura 22ºC, genial, pero a partir de Onda mucho calor hasta casa. Creo que hoy me voy a quedar pegado al sofá.
After many weeks I went back out with the group, my legs have felt the change of pace and I’m really tired. I have not kept the pace in the ramps over 6%. Very nice stage climbing the peak of Remolcador and the road that cross Cedraman-Castillo and fall by Ludiente, up there the temperature was 22ºC/71ºF, fantastic, but from Onda very warm until arrive to home. I think I’ll stay glued on the sofa.

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  • Dirk O August 30 at 16:13

    Great ride by a Great person. Super Pablo!

  • Lori A. Sorenson Monday at 14:20

    Wonderful miles, Pablo ; ) A rest/recovery well earned ; )

  • Pablo Soler Belles Monday at 14:59

    Thanks Hilbert, Dirk and Lori, all the remote control near me, lol

  • Lori A. Sorenson Tuesday at 00:02

    ; )

Pablo Soler Belles was out swimming. He tracked 1.93 mi in 1h:07m:00s.

1000croll+100feet+4x100+2x50+500bactroke+1000crolk/pull, las series de 100metros a 1'40", mejorando. Intervals of 100 mts at 1'40", improving

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  • Dirk O August 28 at 11:43

    Great Intervals and good time. Keep sprinting

  • Tri-Helle . August 29 at 07:56

    Super intervals swim session Pablo :)

  • Pablo Soler Belles August 30 at 12:25

    Gracias Pepe

  • Pablo Soler Belles August 30 at 12:26

    Thanks Iwona, Helle and Dirk, this summer I have had improve a bit

Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 41.49 mi in 2h:38m:25s.

Salida un poco más larga con parada en taller de specialized para revisar un ruido en la caja de pedalier que me está volviendo loco. Stage longer than usual stopping at Specialized workshop for checking a noise in the bottom bracket that is driving me crazy

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  • Lori A. Sorenson August 27 at 14:39

    Amazing how those 'little' noises can become so LOUD when you are riding and concentrating on the road...makes sneeking up behind someone to pass a noisy encounter ; ) Nice work Pablo on the the miles, and silencing the annoying noise ; ) \0/

  • Pablo Soler Belles August 27 at 14:58

    Thanks Helle, specially when you are climbing with the wind in your back and these little noises can be obsessives

  • Dirk O August 28 at 11:44

    Great ride and I had a similar issue last year. My bottom bracket collected some rust due to water and whatever and needed just some special care.

  • Pablo Soler Belles August 30 at 12:19

    Yes Dirk, I have some problems this year with this noises, 4th visit to the mechanic

Pablo Soler Belles was out swimming. He tracked 2.17 mi in 1h:10m:00s.

1500croll+500tec+500backstroke+1000croll/pull. Cambios de ritmo, la comodidad no es mi estilo, jajaja. Change of pace. Confort is not my style, lol

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  • Tri-Helle . August 25 at 16:53

    Lol .... . Increasing distance Pablo. Strong swim.

  • Pablo Soler Belles August 27 at 07:44

    Thanks Helle, good feelings in the wate these days

  • Dirk O August 28 at 11:45

    Woops, long one

  • Pablo Soler Belles August 30 at 12:20

    Thanks Dirk, I'm swimming 5 seconds faster than last year each 100 meters.

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