Pablo Soler Belles

Country: Spain
Postal Code: 12100
Birthday: Dec 28, 1962
Sex: Male
Weight: 185.19 pounds
Height: 5 ft 9 inches
Favorite Sport: Cycling, sport
Total workouts: 1042
Total duration: 2m:15d:14h
Total distance: 19875.99 mi
  • Trips around the world: 0.798
  • Trips to the Moon: 0.083
Average speed: 10.67 mph
Average pace: 5m:37s
Calories burned: 1497990 kcal
  • Burgers burned: 2774

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Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 30.92 mi in 2h:02m:10s.

Salida en una tarde veraniega aunque con viento. Subí al Desierto haciendo series de fuerza. Estoy realmente cansado al final del día. Rode on a summer although windy evening. I climbed the Desert doing strength series. I’m really tired at the end of the day

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  • Marty Mathis 5 hours ago

    Pablo, can you see the Mediterranean Sea from your ride?

  • Dirk Overdick-Roth 3 hours ago

    Good Job Pablo. 2 hours are more than I could do at this time... keep pedaling

  • jaya lim 44 minutes ago

    that was a great climb Pablo...ascending almost 400m in 6km sure need a very big efforts...congrats... :)

Pablo Soler Belles was out swimming. He tracked 1.86 mi in 1h:00m:00s.

Después de tomar café con mi padre, cambio de planes ya que estaba chispeando y me dolían mucho las piernas, la natación era una perfecta opción. 1000 croll+500tec+500espalda+1000croll/pull. Después de entrenar un paseo por la playa con Max y luego he cocinado una paella para la familia y, por supuesto una super siesta.After drinking a coffee with my father, change of plans due to it was drizzling. and my painful legs, swimming was a perfect choice. After swimming I went for a walk on the beach with Max and finally cooked a paella to the family and of course, a super nap

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Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 86.60 mi in 5h:20m:11s.

Largo paseo después de dos meses montando alrededor de dos horas por sesión , hemos ido 4 miembros del grupo a un ritmo más "humano" . Finalmente mis pulmones muy bien y mis piernas no tan bien , pero contento de estar más de 5h en la bicicleta. Long ride after two months riding around two hours per session, we have gone 4 members of the group to a more “human” pace. Finally my lungs very well and my legs not so well, but glad to be more than 5h on the bike.

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  • Héctor Lomero Yesterday at 14:48

    Me alegro de que ya estés bien. Vaya tirada!!!

  • Pablo Soler Belles Yesterday at 16:58

    Gracias Héctor, me ha costado un montón, ahora ha pelarme el culo, jajaja

  • Tri-Helle . 14 hours ago

    Wow so great long ride Pablo :))

  • Pablo Soler Belles 6 hours ago

    Thanks Helle, I'm in the way, yeahhhhh

Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 29.47 mi in 1h:51m:56s.

Día ventoso y desagradable aunque nada de frío. Windy and nasty day, although not cold.

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  • Tri-Helle . Friday at 06:00

    Great ride Pablo :)

  • Dirk Overdick-Roth Friday at 08:20

    Uh I see another compliment from the "teacher"... Great ride Pablo, and stay healthy with all so weather conditions.

  • Lori A. Sorenson Friday at 18:47

    Mother Nature's training gift to you, Pablo...WIND ; ) Good miles ; )

  • Pablo Soler Belles Saturday at 10:42

    Thanks Dirk and Lori, usually from now until the summer the wind always is present, but as Lori says it's an extra challenge

Pablo Soler Belles was out swimming. He tracked 1.86 mi in 1h:05m:00s.

1000croll+5x100+500espalda+1000croll/pull. Haciendo series de 100 en 1'45" y la más rápida en 1'37". Doing series of 100 mts on 1'45" The fastest in 1'37"

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Pablo Soler Belles was out cycling. He tracked 31.16 mi in 1h:59m:47s.

Agradable salida en una tarde primaveral. Subida al desierto por Benicassim, mejores sensaciones que la semana pasada. Nice ride on a spring evening. I climbed The Desert by Benicassim, better feelings than last week.

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