Daley Ranch Loop
13.97 mi
Created by Gabe IG:GabeYanez

This is a good 14-15 mile run, if you didn't bring water fill up at the water fountain in the parking lot by trail entrance, you can use the restroom by walking into the park. Check what time the parking lot closes, if your near closing time you can park on the side of the street. Bring water and use the restroom because there's none on the trail. This has about about 4-5 good long climbs if your looking for some hill work. Look out for snakes during the day and coyote's in the evening. Let someone know your out this way because some areas you wont see anyone around, I've done this course many times and there have been many times when I have seen no one on the trails, so bring a cell phone (limited service) for safety and don't do anything stupid. This routes stops by Stanley Peak, take a few minutes to enjoy the view, some days you can see out to the ocean... its about a 270 degree view from the top. I wouldn't recommend this trip for your dog on a hot day (70 degrees +) If its cooler out they should be fine. Take out what you bring in, please don't litter and help pick up after the jerks that do. Be safe and enjoy...

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