Are you into running, cycling, walking, skiing, kayaking, skating - or other sports involving movement across a distance? Endomondo makes your experience even more exciting! Endomondo.com is the place where you automatically track all your sports data and monitor your performance over time. At Endomondo.com you meet like-minded friends, get inspired by them, challenge them and follow their activities... live! So whether you are into just following your personal achievements or whether you wish to place yourself in a larger network of sports partners that challenge and support each other's efforts - Endomondo.com is your new world of endorphins.

You will get the most out of Endomondo.com with a GPS mobile phone or a Garmin GPS watch. Free of charge, you can download our apps to most common GPS phones from the app store on your phone. You can find more info at www.endomondo.com/features

Sign up at Endomondo.com, and if you want to use your mobile, click on the Download link and you will receive a text message with a link to the free program. You are now only a few steps away from a completely new way of doing sports. Join us... get out there and free your endorphins!


In December 2007, three colleagues decide to live out the dream of becoming entrepreneurs. We leave our jobs as management consultants to pursue a dream of changing the way you do sports whether you are at elite level or merely someone who wishes to get into shape.

The vision is to create a service that makes sports more exciting and to offer the ability to unite a large group of physically active people. There are many different kinds of motivation for doing sports. Tracking our training and monitoring our progress motivates some of us whereas others need a friend to play or compete with or even a coach to stay motivated over time. We wanted to meet all of these needs to reach both recreational as well as more serious athletes.

In September 2008, the very first alpha version of Endomondo.com is officially launched in connection with the world's largest running race, the DHL race with 100.000 participants in Copenhagen, Denmark. Based on feedback from the first users, the beta version of Endomondo.com is launched in July 2009. Ever since that day, we have worked hard on improving our service - and we're not planning on stopping any time soon!


Visit our press room to find more information about Endomondo. From here you can see some of our media coverage and you can download a fact sheet about us. We also post news frequently on our blog.


The Chief Endo - Mette

Mette is co-founder of Endomondo and CEO. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mette worked with McKinsey & Co - primarily with strategy across different sectors. Mette also has a background from a large newspaper where she worked as a researcher and journalist - experience that come in handy when dealing with PR. She holds a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Aarhus. Sportswise, Mette used to be an active horseback rider in both dressage and show jumping. After eight years at a competitive level, she decided to pursue other, less time consuming sports. Nowadays, Mette is primarily into fitness since this is much easier to combine with life as an entrepreneur.

The Fast Endo - Christian

Christian holds a M.Sc. in Engineering from The Technical University of Denmark, and has before co-founding Endomondo worked as management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Beside his professional experience, Christian has worked with some of the largest running events in the world, and has a background as runner himself. That is why Christian finds the cross field between mobile technology, business opportunities and sports a very interesting place to play!

Christian ended his professional career as a 400m runner in 2004, but later found the joy of long distance sports. During the early Endomondo days he completed his first marathon run and over the following years he completed a 30 km cross-country run, 90 km cross-country skiing race, 300 km road biking race and 3 km open water river swim, which is also known as the Swedish Classic! An event he did together with Jakob and other members of the Endomondo team.

The Casual Endo - Jakob

Jakob co-founded Endomondo. Jakob has a combined passion for sports and the mobile and Internet industry, which is key to understanding his passion for Endomondo and healthy living. Jakob holds a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. Before founding Endomondo, Jakob spent some years at McKinsey & Co, focusing on the media industry within the field of strategy and M&A.

Jakob is an avid athlete and generally likes any sport that is available where he is. While being at university, Jakob used to worked as a professional ski instructor in France and was still part of the Danish Interski Team in 2011. He loves to surf, but recently (2011), he also completed a Swedish Classic, which is four different races: 90 km cross-country skiing race, 30 km cross-country run, 300 km road biking race and 3 km open water river swim.


The Adventurous Endo - Ture

Ture never misses an opportunity to find new adventures. He is a ski instructor, does climbing, mountain biking, surfing, and telemark skiing to name a few sports, and he has done a marathon and a couple of adventure races. Ture holds a master degree in Business Administration and Computer Science, from Copenhagen Business School. He is Vice President of Product at Endomondo.

The Calm Endo - Morten

With years of experience with software development in the mobile industry, Morten knows almost everything there is to know about mobiles and services. He also does recreational sports - not to mention his daily bicycle commute of 50 kilometers (only in the summer!). As CTO Morten is responsible for the technological development and infrastructure of Endomondo.

The Trailblazing Endo - Kasper

A trail runner by heart, Kasper loves to seek out adventures and new opportunities both at Endomondo, as well as in his private life. With a Master's Degree in Engineering and a strong commercial background from the telecommunications industry, he has always strived to bring "more value to the table" than people expect. He is our VP of Sales & Marketing.

The Polish Endo - Piotr

Piotr has captured the position as the committed Endo. More than a decade ago he won the world championship in Athletics with the Polish national 4x400m team. Piotr is responsible for Endomondo's expansion into Poland and other central and eastern European countries. During weekends, you can find Piotr running in the big forests of Warsaw.

The Climbing Endo - Michal

Michal loves to spend his free time climbing. His first attempts were on an artificial climbing wall in 2003. Soon after he moved on to rock climbing, only to find his real passion a couple of years later in mountain-climbing, both summer and winter. At Endomondo he is responsible for Android and BlackBerry versions of the Endomondo Sports Tracker.

The Boulder Endo - Poul

Poul is a coder by trade with a passion for climbing. Mostly climbing boulders but also some sport-, trad- and mountain-climbing. Poul also does some recreational sports in the form of running and kayaking. At Endomondo he is part of the tech team.

The Triathlon Endo - Troels

Troels is the early bird in the office - normally at his desk around 6am! After working hours you will see him out swimming, cycling, spinning or running. He has done two half and one full Ironman at the Challenge Copenhagen in August 2011 in about 11 hours, and is entering another full this year. Troels is currently working on the Endomondo Android app.

The iEndo - Morten

Morten is part of the the mobile team, and works on the iPhone app. He comes from a background in computer games and is an experienced software developer. He enjoys traveling to remote places of the world, and to go trekking in the mountains. To stay fit - and to test the Endomondo app - he likes to go running and cycling.

The Yoga Endo - Eva

Eva comes from Slovakia and when she is not sitting with her legs behind her head - she is an Ashtanga yoga devotee - she can be found practicing her punches at boxing classes or running in the parks of Copenhagen. At Endomondo she works as Communications and Community Manager. She holds a Master's degree in Communications from the University of Economics in Prague.

The Skiing Endo - Sebastian

Sebastian always looks for the opportunity to add a new challenging endurance event to his never-ending list of long distances races, such as cycling sportives, ski classics and a marathon. Sebastian recently ended his career as a cross country skier on international level - a career that took him to the World Cup circuit and to the World Championships twice. At Endomondo he works with community management, supporting Endomondo's users all over the world. Beside his work, Sebastian studies Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

The Running Endo - Bo

Bo loves to run and is currently the fastest long distance runner in the office. He often runs to and from work, and during the summer you will see him competing on the tracks and streets around Copenhagen. At Endomondo Bo is working on the iPhone App.

The Finance Endo - Christina

Christina holds a Master of Science in Business Economics and Auditing and used to work as an auditor. Christina loves skiing and golfing but it is much easier to find time to run a few kilometers once in a while, visit a local fitness center, roller skate or ride a bike with her kids to school or in the great nature.

The Vain Endo - Charlotte

Charlotte is a dedicated and active traveler, and together with her husband and little daughter, she always try to hike, bike or ski in most destinations. Home, she mostly enjoys yoga and running. At Endomondo, she works as HR & Office Coordinator, and has her hands full keeping track of the Endo-troops!

The Creative Endo - Mads T

With 5 years of experience working in London for the agency Winkreative, freelancing at various companies and most recently working full-time at The Financial Times. Mads contributes at Endomondo as Graphics and UI Designer. When he is not playing around with the Adobe creative suite, running keeps him fit.

The Baking Endo - Robert

An Engineer by heart and educated from the Technical University of Denmark, he loves a good technical challenge and a cup of coffee. In order to go forward with steady steps and make Endomondo the best product out there, he strives for finding a balance between excellence and getting stuff done. He lives with his family outside Copenhagen, a location which also matches his love for medium distance running and long road bike trips. Occasionally he dips his toes in triathlons.

The Outdoor Endo - Zbynek

Zbynek joined us after doing all his interviews from New Zealand where he was cycling for three months across the country. He loves outdoor and his vacations usually contain backpack, rain and a lot of mosquitos. You can also often see him swimming, cycling or running around the office. He has completed his second half Ironman triathlon recently. At Endomondo he's part of the server team, keeping everything running smoothly.

The Romanian Endo - Lucian

Lucian joined our server development team right after finishing his Master�s Degree in Computer Science at the Copenhagen University. He loves doing sports in nature, especially hiking in the mountains. Watching a clear sky full of stars at some remote place is among his favorite things. He also likes to go snowboarding with friends in the wintertime and has fallen in love with cycling in the streets of Copenhagen.

The Football Endo - Aleksi

Aleksi is a part of our iOS team. He loves alpine skiing and tries to make it to the Alps or Rockies every year. He also plays football on a regular basis with a team of friends and he has been a big fan of Manchester City since he was 6. Aleksi likes travelling to tourist-free places all over the world. He thinks that there are only a few things better than discovering new music, so he attends concerts and festivals as often as he can.

The Musical Endo - Stig

As an experienced software developer, Stig picked up long distance running a couple of years back and is aiming to be a fast veteran runner. When not working or running, it�s common to find Stig in his basement playing his drumkit or some other instrument. Stig is part of the server team, ensuring that the ever-expanding user base of Endomondo gets a good user experience.

The Wrestling Endo - Mikkel

Mikkel's main sportsbackground is in wrestling, where he competed at national team level during high school. Lately he has taken up running, and that's what spawned his initial interest in Endomondo. Mikkel's main job at Endomondo is helping out all our happy users at the supportline. He is also a student at Copenhagen Business School, currently on a graduate program.


Besides our regular team we have a number of supporters who help us with testing, translations and other tasks. We would like to thank, Yujan Lee (China), Anne Wagner (Denmark), Taneli Selin, Jukka Rippinen (Finland), Jerome Loos (France), Patrick Stratil, Benjamin Boecker, Carsten Humm (Germany), Sakis Gournakis (Greece), Lindra Hismanto (Indonesia), Shinichiro Takemoto, Wataru Sakai (Japan), Jeong Ho Kim (Korea), Michele Gnesotto, Renato Pucci, Mariana Alexandra Vraciu (Italy), Erik Proper, Wesley Schwengle, Jos Zomerplaag (Netherlands), Rune Svendsen, Ståle Forbregd (Norway), Monika Mazur (Poland), Marco Pinheiro, Nuno Cardoso, Isaura Gomes, João Pinho (Portugal), Ilya Surdin, Kostylev Denis (Russia), Eitan Behar (Spain), Martin Loman, Johan Moreau (Sweden), Ittipol Thirasat (Thailand), Atilla Soylu, Serhan Ucar (Turkey) and more, for their support and engagement.